i have had 4 of these *** phones now. all of them just as useless as the last.

i paid $600 for this *** phone and customer service is useless. the phone was over heating, (left a burn mark while charging on my table), and would only last 2hrs on a charge. so i send it to LG to get fixed. 4 weeks later i get it back DAMAGED and nothing has changed.

i get them to send me a new one. it wouldnt charge. i left it plugged in for 30hrs and it still said "NEED MORE CHARGE TO POWER ON." send it back, they send me a new one. it has a DEAD SPOT on the screen in the first 10mins of turning it on.

i send that back and i get ANOTHER NEW ONE.

this one sometimes will charge, most of the time it WONT charge. NEVER BUY AN LG PHONE, THEY HAVE *** QUALITY CONTROL; *** CUSTOMER SERVICE; *** REPAIR SERVICE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Repair.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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