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I have had a horrible experience with LG and will never buy another LG product. About 8 months ago I bought as beautiful electric range with the purple/blue oven that self cleans at a low temperature. The stove is still working great but I noticed that the enamel in the oven is just flaking off and where the racks are the enamel failed and popped off.

I called LG since the oven is still under warranty and was told that this defect is cosmetic and that I would have to pay for parts and labor to have it repaired. Enamel serves a function in an oven, it protects the metal from oxidizing and protects the oven from heat and food that would be absorbed without enamel. I explained to the agent that this is a functional defect and not cosmetic and got nowhere with LG. They just don't care about their customers at all. I am a manager for a call center and could not believe the response I received on this issue and the attitude of the agent. I was fuming after this experience and wrote an e-mail to corporate explaining what happened and explained that if I do not receive a reply within a reasonable amount of time I will escalate or take action in another manner.

I never did get a response so I spoke with the manager of Home Depot and showed them pictures and explained the bad experience that I had. This the manager picked up the phone and called LG and Explained the issue and added that the popping porcelain is also a health issue and being a convection oven is getting blown around. She got the same *** from them that I did. Other employees came over to see what was going on as this manager was fuming and stating that they have never ever seen a situation like this before.

The manager then said that "we will take care of you and get you a new stove" and again stated that this was ridiculous. The manager was still angry over the situation and told me that she is making some calls to pull other managers together Monday for a conference call to LG Dealer support and said that she is going the climb the corporate ladder on this one.

I see a ton of lawsuits against LG and a huge number of complaints, it seems that they do not care or respond to their customers and end up in a lawsuit. I was contemplating on a lawsuit but came up with a better idea. I am going to work closely with Home Depot management and get data on whatever they need and work to have Depot drop all LG product lines. I think I have Home Depot's attention on this and just have to follow the process. I have always had positive experiences with Home Depot and I don't want to see any more of their customers go through this experience and lack of accountability on LG's part. If everything is successful and LG products are pulled from Home Depot this will be a huge revenue loss for LG which is well deserved. This will hold them accountable for their actions and is far easier than a lawsuit and there is a ton of data on poor customer service and product support.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Range.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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Contact the AGs office in NJ where the headquarter is. They have a file for mine and the more complaints they get them something will be done.


I just had the same problem with my oven. Just started the process with the store that sold me the oven and see where it gets me


I am having the same issue! Dealing with home depot in regards to this problem ! LG needs to step to the plate and take responsibility!


I have the same problem. Will not buy lg again


Mine is doing the same thing. Absolutely do not buy an LG range


same issue after2 months....they are stating it was Customer issue


Same problem with my oven.


Have the same problem with our oven. I personally tell everyone I see in stores my experience with my stove and a refrigerator that was dumped and still under warranty.

Nearest server for warranty was one and a half hours south of me and I live in Daytona Beach? LG a piece of crap, NEVER BUY!


I am taking LG to small claims over this health hazard. Flakes are blowing into our food with convection use.

This is not cosmetic, it is a design flaw. FDA may also be interested.


Did you get anywhere with the small claim?


I have an LG range that did the same thing flaking/chipping after a year of use, bought at Best Buy they should pull LG from their store as well. Never buy LG again.