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LG was our first smooth top range. It is ***.

First, the oven would turn itself off. After restart it would continue to happen over and over. LG tech serviced it in Feb 2013 for $200. New control board.

Within 3 months it started failing again. The oven goes overtemp and burns up food. It happens suddenly and the only warning is the smell of burnt food. I discovered the oven has been recalled.

I contacted the recall hotline and learned that my problem is not covered by the recall. It turns out that because the general description of the problem, as written in the Consumer Product Safety Commission website, (http://www.cpsc.gov/en/Recalls/2013/LG-Electronics-Recalls-Electric-Ranges-Due-to-Burn-and-Fire-Hazards/) omits the word "oven" and uses only the word "burner". LG conveniently applies these words literally and does not acknowledge an oven failure within the recall definition. here is the paragraph from the CPSC site: "Incidents/Injuries:

LG has received 80 reports of incidents involving burners failing to turn off or the temperature setting increasing unexpectedly during use.

No fires or injuries have been reported."

The oven temperature runs away already!....overheats to the max!....out of control!.....but, according to LG, it is only a recall item if the stove top burners do this.If the oven does this same exact thing, it is not a recall item.

How convenient. I wonder if the CPSC realizes that the general description of the issue on their website provides a strict definition (and loopholes) for LG.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Range.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

  • Oven overheats
  • Oven turns food to charcoal
  • LG recall scam
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I have a LRE30755ST and am seeing the same issue. I'm pretty unhappy LG isn't owning up to this problem and fixing this issue.

Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #1309145

I have the same LG LRE30453ST and have the same issue. My oven is BROILING when it should be BAKING.

The temp will be set at 350 degrees yet my items are burnt and smoke alarm going off in minutes. This doesn't happen consistently just occasionally. I learned of recall of this range and recall doesn't cover the oven only the stovetop. The foreign dipsh*t who answered the phone barely understood English and didn't understand cooking at all.

I received no solution.

I've wasted so much food by trying to bake and paid quite a lot for this LG product. No more LG for me.

Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia, Canada #958744

I have the same issue (model LSC5622WS). I have already replaced the oven sensor, which didn't help at all.

Now I'm trying to decide if I should try replacing the oven relay board and/or the oven control board. I have to find suppliers who are willing to bend the rules because LG doesn't sell individual "electronic" parts to consumers in Canada. You have to go through an authorized repair clinic, who charges $80 +tax to come see, and $60 /hr to fix the faulty part, plus the cost of the part. I really don't want to buy a new stove, but I also don't want to drop another $100+ on my 9-year-old oven and not have it work still.

I also don't feel like spending $1000+ on a new stove.

I paid almost $2500 for my LG 9 years ago. If I'd known it would last only 9 years, there is no way I'd have bought it.

Panama City, Florida, United States #838313

I have the same issue with my POS LG Range. I paid top dollar for it and it either under heats or goes from 300 to 550 or more with NO warning, making the range physically TOO HOT to even touch and melting my plastic panel with settings on the range.

Some of the lights on the screen for time and temp have even shorted out due to the extreme heat.

I bake cakes for a living and I am SO mad, I called and LG had someone working there that they must of hired from a street corner with NO knowledge of a range, an oven, nothing, she kept saying...You microwave oven, NO, the range, the oven you bake in...GEEZE, I ended up hanging up because I was SO mad! This will end up burning my place down, The walls behind the range, that back up to my sofa in the living room get hot and my couch does too, this is NOT acceptable!

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