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The rebate claim form says within 60 days you should receive check. Its been 4 months since I submitted my claim forms and each month when i call up the customer care, the person says by the end of this month the checks would be mailed.

On top of that they misspelled my name, and I requested them to correct my name before sending me the check.

But they bluntly told nothing can be done now and i would have to call them again once i get the check and if turns out invalid. Which would mean once I receive the checks(after eternal wait) I have to send them back and have to wait for 4 more months to get a new one...

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Customer Care.

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I purchased a new LG refrigerator, a new microwave, and a new dishwasher which came with a $100.00 rebate. On March 17, 2011 I sent my rebate request to the appropriate address as indicated.

Since then I have been calling and constantly get the answer:

Yes, you rebate has been approved, but it will take 4 - 6 more weeks for you to receive the rebate.

Today is July 7, 2011, this is totally insane that one has to wait this long for a rebate. Totally disgusted with this company.

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