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This is the saga of the $400 bundled vacuum rebate that as of Jan 4, 2011 - no one has received. The rebate terms allowed 6-8 weeks to receive the rebate from the date of receipt of the rebate form. In my case, their contractor ACB Promotions has documented receipt of my rebate on September 6, 2010, meaning I should have received the rebate by November 1, 2010.

Two months later and ACB is blaming LG for the delay, ang LG is blaming ACB for the delay. I have spent hours on the phone with both companies to no avail. Every person I speak with at LG Customer Relations, 877-543-8325 gives me a different story, from (in order):

- "we didn't know there was a delay in this program" (from Neal on 12/15/2010)

- "checks will be cut this week" (from Jennifer on 12/20/2010)

- "should receive the check within two weeks" (from Jewel on 12/27/2010)

- "rebate checks were cut the last week of December" (from Valerie on 1/4/2011)

- "the funds were released on December 16th" (from Glen on 1/4/2011)

...and from ACB Promotions 877-333-9203:

- "We are waiting on LG. We have not received the file back from LG yet" from various representatives on 12/15/2010, 12/20/2010, 12/27/2010, 1/4/2010 and many dates earlier that I did notate the date and time. BTW- if you get transferred to "Tim", he is never available and does not return phone calls. Do not get sucked into the black hole known as "Tim".

I have filed a complaint with the Attorney General of my state, #A3599691. My complaint alone is not enough to take action, but if everyone files a complaint, there is power. Did you know that in some states, like Texas, it is illegal for a company to not honor the terms of their rebate. This is not just an inconvenience, it is a violation.

I have filed a complaint with the FTC, #28659496. The FTC has power to restrict commerce if the company is not acting in good faith. Please file a complaint with the FTC at https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/ and use the complaint assistant.

Here is where it gets good. If you want action from a big company like LG, you have to get an executives attention. Do this by calling the executive in charge of the issue. In the case of rebates, it is John Weinstock, 201-816-2000, (press 0 and ask for John Weinstock) executive in charge of Marketing for LG Electronics USA, headquartered in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. You can also call his assistant Silene at 201-816-2128, she will direct you to Clara Chang at 201-816-2011 in Public Relations. This would be "bad" public relations, for those of you studying this field.

Anyway, persistence in standing up for your rights is the only way to resolve this matter. In other words, call all these people everyday until you get a clear answer to ...

- why have the checks not been sent out yet?

- what is my check number?

- what will you do to compensate me for the delay? I am asking compensatory cash, as I definitely do not want another LG appliance if this is the way they handle their customers.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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All I can say LG is one of the very few companies that doesn't have any value for their customers time. Filed a rebate on 11/13/2017.

Was supposed to be getting LG Homebot in 6-8 weeks. It is now 03/06/2018 and still waiting. Called multiple times but no luck yet.

Customer Service is rude and have no knowledge on anything. If you are getting into LG scam and buying their products because of rebates, I would say to avoid unless that is the last resort.

Renton, Washington, United States #1356286

I bought a washer and a dryer under the period of time elegible, but not on the same invoice. LG sent it back saying because they were not purchased on the same invoice (everything else was the same, same customer, delivery, payment), I wasn't elegible.

Makes no sense other than to not pay out. Shame on them for making this offer.

Elsie, Michigan, United States #300844

Thanks KJ2000 for the numbers. I got my rebate check today and it only took twice as long as it was supposed to.

I can only think it was the numbers you posted (and I called them all) Once I got those numbers and called 4 days ago my check appeared. 4 days ago when I called ACB and LG nobody could even tell me when it was going to be mailed. Keep making the calls everyone. I did file a complaint with the Better Business and I will never buy LG again.

Not because of the appliance, but because of the customer service I received on this issue alone makes me wonder what would happen if there were a mechanical problem with my appliances.

Would that be handled any better???? I have my doubts.

Elsie, Michigan, United States #298193

I too have been going through this experience. ACB received my rebate form and info back on 2/28/11 for my washer and dryer. The forms states you will receive your rebate within 6-8 weeks after we receive your form. Now, June 13, 2011 nobody can tell me when I will get my rebate. It's been 15 weeks and ACB tells me they are waiting for LG to appove and Neil, a supervisor at LG is telling me that he will have his supervisor check into this as he can understand my frustration at the time this is taking and it's not acceptable.

However, nobody can tell me when I will get my rebate check. Also, the supervisor "TIM"

at ACB does not return calls. I tried that about a month ago also.

Thanks for the telephone numbers KJ. I have only placed 8 phonecalls so far. I will file a complaint with the FTC.


Thanks for the phone numbers (they don't have these numbers or emails provided at their rebate forms). ACB is very slow in acting on costumer's request. They don't work on weekend, so I made a call and left a message, no one even called back so you have to call them again and again.


My rebate for an LG Headset is only 2 months late. Not as bad as others. However, I am still pissed about the whole delay.


I just called and left a voicemail for John Weinstock. $50 says he listens to 5 seconds of it, then deletes it :( Can't compete with the big boys.... sucks...

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #249434

I have been waiting 2 years for rebate. LG said they did not approve the receipt because the charges for the lg appliances were not broken down.

I contacted Grant appliances and they contacted rep who checked after I sent him copies of what I had submitted and determined that everything was apropriate.

That was September 2009 and communication of check being sent every few months since then. Now Grant Appliances is no longer returning my calls or emails.

Baker, Louisiana, United States #233491

Friends and fellow sufferers - the UNBELIEVABLE has happened. I received my $400 rebate check today via Fedex Express straight from the desk of the heretofore mysterious "Tim Tansy". No letter, no explanation, just the check.

If you have not yet received your check via Fedex ... cal ...call ...call. You are no different than I and deserve the same treatment. The only thing different is I called over 30 times and spent hour upon hour arguing with LG and ACB (The Advertising Checking Bureau).

Please let me know if you get yours ...I mean the check, of course.

Baker, Louisiana, United States #232259

Thanks ufair. I hope your calls will be added to the consumer outcry and outrage.

While you're at it, send Clara Chang an email to voice your dissatisfaction. Her email is clara.chang@lge.com


Funny....I also made a call to ACB today (04 Jan 2011) and was told the same thing...."we have approved the rebate but are awaiting LG to approve and release the funds". They received my request the first week of Oct 2010 and approved it on 29 Oct 2010.

I was told then that the "6-8 weeks" starts from their approval date. (Funny...it didn't say that on the rebate form). So, after 9 weeks from that time I was sufficiently pissed that I called today with the above mentioned sob story.

KJ2000 got further with LG than I did but now that I have better phone numbers for LG I will be calling them.

Thanks for the leg work KJ.

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