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In the time we have had this LG LFX25960SB refrigerator, the following failures have occurred:

1. Replacement cartridges for the water filter were ordered, and were deficient. LG sent us a second group of cartridges, but they showed the same symptoms. Essentially, we had to run our water for hours before particulate visible in the water was gone. Our water already has a top of the line water softener, so the tap water was free of the particulate. The particulate we saw was from the water filters in the refrigerator.

2. The icemaker failed.

3. Several interior sliding drawers have broken and have been replaced.

4. A gear roller assembly in the freezer has failed (We have had 3 repair agencies come out and attempt to fix this, but LG sent the wrong parts to each and every one of them, and in some cases, sent wrong parts as many as 3 times. The last agency called us and refunded the money we paid for one of the broken shelves, and then told us they were not returning to repair the gear roller assembly because they would lose money dealing with the incompetent English language deficient parts people at LG, and wanted no more part of it. As a result, this problem has never been fixed.)

5. The icemaker failed a second time

6. The light inside the refrigerator stayed on constantly and the refrigerator stopped cooling. The main computer board was diagnosed as the problem and replaced. The light melted the plastic housing that encloses it and had to be replaced.

7. The "er FF" function showed up this week, and the repair agency claims one of the freezer fans is inoperative. But, the freezer is working Ok, yet the refrigerator itself does not appear to be cooling properly. It will be another week, according to the repair agency before they can return with the proper fan part.

8. Neither one of us can close the door with any success without special attention, because normal action to close the door always ends up in the beep alarm.

We are frustrated and angry over the performance of this appliance. As a family, we have had 3 or 4 refrigerators over the last 40 years. I can only recall 1 or 2 repair calls on any of the other ones, until they had reached the end of a 10 to 12 year service life and were replaced. This refrigerator has failed more times in the three or so years we have had it than all of our refrigerators combined over the last 36 years! In fact, this appliance has failed and needed repair more often in the last 3 years than all of the other kitchen appliances combined over the last 40 years.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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Active Consumer

I too have had problems with LG French door, 2 drawer bottom freezer. Freezer builds 1/2 inch thick layer of ice and frost covers all food in the top drawer.

The compressor is extremely noisy and the door alarm works intermintently. So far, I've not been able to get a service person to come out as three of them, even though they were recommended by LG. They are all independent repair companies and said they don't get reimbursed by LG in a timely manner.

Obviously, Home Depot won't do anything and continued communication with LG customer service is a waste of time. :(


I have an LG refrigerator, and most of the shelves have broken and a bin. This is a 23 french door refrigerator, in a household of only two people, so it's not abused!

Company won't admit problem even though lots of people have posted on the Internet. Will not buy LG again!


about 2 yrs ago i purchased a cell phone from lg. just a piece of junk since day one.

lg just blew me off. my recommendation is to give lg products a wide birth :cry

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