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Sharing a similar situation. 2 years old.

Stopped cooling. Best Buy tech came, sealed system issue-suggested I call LG (amazingly there was NO CHARGE!) So I called LG customer service-Wow, that was frustrating! Had to wait another 5 days for the LG “certified” tech to tell me it’s a compressor failure, but only AFTER I wrote a check. Seems odd since I can hear it running, it’s not hot, sounds normal.

Oh yeah, and it will be $750 for labor but I’m “lucky the compressor is under warranty”! After reading others nightmares with LG, I am now convinced it’s a leak and I’m being taken advantage of. $750 now. Freon will leak out again and I’ll have to call again...

my $2200 fridge is now on my back porch until I can decide what to do.

We bought a new fridge! And NOT an LG.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Lfxs29626S Refrigerator.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Same thing happened to me. Repair man says all LG compressor got out in 3 years. Horrible!


10/28/2018. We have the same problem as 100s of other L/G owners.

There doesn't seem to be certified repair company that will repair L/G fridges north of Boston. Been on the phone with L/G 5 X in the last 9 days with still no progress. They said they would cover the compressor and labor but if no one can fix it what good is this warranty. Here is the kicker.

When we asked about getting a credit they said 15% off a new on. 15%! are you kidding me. HD, Lowes as well as appliance stores regularly have 25 to 40% off appliances.

Never again! including their TVs.

@Jim Broderick

My LG went out on me and Sear was supposed to fix it for free. They were a joke.


LG customer service is horrible