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LG Refrig. broke twice in 6 months for the same problem they won't replace it and I have to pay the extended warrenty.

You will get no-were with them. I wrote to the office and they were sorry about my dryer this is really scary, consumers are nothing to them but a source of taking your money & running... I've never in 40 years had a problem with my Sears appliances.

Never buy LG products LG stands for Life is Great but then your blood pressure goes up so high you could die from the way your treated, what a joke. Consumer affairs is next on my list, lets see what they can do with a bad business company.If anyone wants a new Refrigerator I will have one it will be outside if this repair doesn't work.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

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I have also encountered problems with LG products...washer/dryer AND fridge. Washer broke down but was repaired on warranty.

Dryer quit working post-warranty and found it extremely difficult to find a repairman who would work on LG.

Fridge pours water from interior and exterior...again...hard to find repairmen. I'm just chucking it out and staying clear of ANY LG products from now on.

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