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So LG calls me up and says they have an upgrade on a part and a software update for my model LFX31925ST Refrigerator and they would like to come install it free of charge. Problem is the next morning, after LG Service replaced the part and put in a new motherboard, I'm getting an error code which leaves the water & ice dispenser unusable.

I call LG Repair and they say sorry your refrigerator is out of warranty! I told them they just put in a new part & motherboard yesterday afternoon. LG said sorry, the error code is for a different problem, & I would have to pay for their service man to come out & fix the problem. I told them the motherboard controls all the functions so how do they know if its not a problem with the new mother board, he just said sorry, you'll have to pay for service.

I asked for a supervisor and she gave me the same answer. If your thinking about buying an LG Product you may want to keep my experience in mind!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

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