I purchased an expensive LG gas range. The first time I turned on the over, the heat escaping through the vents was so hot it started to burn my new kitchen cabinets.

I couldn't place my hand next to it -- it was like placing it over a fire. I then tested the temperature by placing a theremometer on my kitchen counter next to the stove and then I turned on the oven again. Within 20 minutes the heat melted the thermometer. THE STOVE WAS A FIRE HAZARD.

LG refused to remove the stove even with all the evidence I presented and even after an independent inspector confirmed the stove is a fire hazard. Not until I threatened to call in the fire department did LG agree to removiing the stove and to reimburse me. It took a lot of time, stress, and fighting. And still LG refuses to reimburse me the cost of installing that fire hazard.

I had to pay another installment fee to replace the LG gas range with one I bought from a different company. LG is another one of those global companies that are sending their *** all over the world. They have a USA based CEO for LG home appliances, but it is IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND THE ADDRESS OF HIS HEADQUARTERS. I thought all companies doing business in USA states were required to make public the address of their headquarters.

Obviously, no one is enforcing this rule. I will never again buy anything made by LG.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Range.

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