Our LG range is 5 years old, however, people have mistaken it for being brand new as we hardly used it over the years.

The oven failed to operate recently. We called LG's Customer Service and paid the $200 "guaranteed fix" fee. They promptly arranged a technician to our house to fix it; however, after 2 separate visits and 2 orders of different parts, the technician concluded that the range COULD NOT be fixed as the part that was required had been discontinued.

As a result, we were asked to call LG Customer Service once again to arrange for a replacement. LG promptly arranges the credit, however, we are pissed-off because they are only giving us 50% of the original purchase price back. The argument is that the range normally lasts 10 years and because we have used it for 5, we only get 50% of the original price back (we paid $1500 for the range).

I did my research, and for us to replace the range with a similar one, the cheapest price we could find was $1000. This means:

1. We have LOST $200 "guaranteed fix" fee (+ 13% taxes);

2. We would have to incur $250 MORE (+13% taxes) for the CHEAPEST replacement.

3. The range is supposed to last 10 years according to LG, but clearly they are NOT standing behind their own products as it broke down in 5 years.

So, to sum up: In 5 years of gentle use, we have incurred:

$1500 original purchase price

$200 guaranteed fix fee

$250 replace fee for the cheapest range

+ 13%

= $2,203.50 total cost

This is absolutely ridiculous. Worst part is, LG Customer Service refused to accept my complain and THREATENED to close our case. They claimed that because we did not accept the 50% credit, our case would be closed.

We paid the $200 guaranteed fix fee for nothing, and have to incur more costs because of LG's lousy product!!!

Never again will we purchase another LG product! NEVER!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Range.

Monetary Loss: $2204.

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