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A couple of days after receiving the offer of a three month extended warranty, and the assurance that Amber C was the absolute highest authority I would be allowed to speak with, I received an email from Stacey Casals, Manager /Executive Services /CAG, who offered me a six month extension on my warranty. I wrote back to her explaining in detail why this is not acceptable.

I no longer have any faith in LG\'s product, what-so-ever, and I have put hours and hours into dealing with a television which seems to refuse to function for more than a few months at a time. Every time it breaks I have to take the time to call LG customer service and report the issue, wait for them to contact the service contractor who I then exchange several phone calls with, and then take time to be in my home when the service contractor comes to fix the television and wait for them to finish before I leave. Frankly it\'s all a massive inconvenience and it\'s only been kept from being more of one because I work a non-standard schedule. If I worked a normal 8am-5pm schedule I would have had to take time off from work every time the service contractor came to fix my television. As it is, I work a graveyard schedule so I am not working, I am sleeping, when they call and when they are available to come fix my television. Which means that my sleep schedule is interrupted, and anyone who has ever worked a graveyard schedule knows how difficult it is to get enough sleep under the best of circumstances.

As far as I am concerned, the television should have been written off as a lemon after the third malfunction and replaced. As I stated before, I no longer have any faith in this product and I anticipate having to replace it not long after the warranty expires. I do not believe it is unreasonable to expect that a new television last, at the minimum, two years so I do not believe my request for a full year extension of my warranty is unreasonable; especially since as far as I am concerned it should have already been replaced as defective.

After writing the above response to Ms. Casals she ignored the issue for a little over a week and then wrote back to me, in a rather dismissive manner, stating that she was sorry I am not satisfied and hopes that I will reconsider. This is was not acceptable so I filed a complaint with the BBB.

After delaying for over a week LG responded to my complaint stating that all electronics \"require service\" and are subject to \"occasional failure.\" I responded by pointing out that three malfunctions in as many months for a television that is not even a year old is far beyond an \"occasional failure,\" that it is, in fact, a lemon. LG responded to that by claiming that my television has not failed three times, they claim it has only failed twice (as though that would be acceptable for a television that is less than a year old), which is apparently their way of having to take any responsibility for their defective product. Apparently to LG two malfunctions that happen one right after the other are only one malfunction, even though they were two separate problems requiring two different parts to be replaced, and they expect me to accept that three now equals two.

Uh, no. In the normal world, three does not equal two and up is not down. My television broke three times, I should know since I had to deal with the hassle, and has had to be repaired three times. LG\'s creative math does not change the fact that this television is a lemon and should have been replaced and it does not make their actions any more acceptable.

Original review posted by user Oct 22, 2012

I purchased an LG LCD/LED flat-screen television in January 2012. In late June or early July the television stopped turning on. I contacted LG and a service contractor was dispatched to repair the television. It was approximately a week between when the television broke and I contacted LG and when it was repaired.

During the week of October 1st through October 5th the television broke again (the brightness level began flickering and an intermittent blue bar, approximately 1/5th the width of the screen, appeared vertically down the side of the screen and I do not recall exactly which day the problem started). I again contacted LG and again a service contractor was dispatched to repair the television. The service technicians arrived on October 10th, at approximately 1pm, and again repaired the television.

Shortly after they left I found that the television would go blank after it had been on for a while. The length for which the picture would remain on varied, but it seemed to last longer if the television had been turned off for a while. The blue light in the lower right-hand corner remained on (it didn't turn to red) so the television was on, but there was no picture or sound. I called the service contractor who stated they would need to order a part (the contractor returned and tried to fix it with what they have but the problem remained). I then contacted LG to report the problem in order to make sure it was documented and to find out exactly how many times I would have to go through this before LG would admit they sold me a defective television and send me a new one.

I found my experience dealing with LG's customer service to be extremely frustrating. The representative who I initially spoke with, Mary, was unable to assist me so I asked to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor I spoke with, whose name I cannot recall, seemed to be determined to do anything except assist me. I asked her how long this was going to go on, how many times I was going to have to go through the aggravation and inconvenience of having my television broken before LG would take responsibility for the lemon it sold me. The supervisor seemed determined to place the blame on anyone except LG (me, the service contractor, the retailer, Amazon), anyone except the company who actually manufactured the defective product. She kept insisting (in a deliberately obtuse manner) that she "cannot predict the future." I wasn't asking her to predict the future, I was asking her how much aggravation and inconvenience I would have to go through before LG would provide me with the product I paid for: a functioning television.

Since the first supervisor seemed to be deliberately refusing to assist me, I hung up and waited a couple of hours so that I would not be furious when I tried again. Once I had calmed down I called back to LG's customer service phone number and asked to speak with a supervisor. I spoke with Candace who was just as unhelpful as the first supervisor I spoke with. I asked Candace to have the part that the service contractor needed shipped overnight, so that they would be able to return and fix my television the next day, October 11th. Candace refused and again attempted to shift responsibility for rectifying this problem to anyone other than her. She stated that shipping was between the service contractor and the parts department, and when I asked her to contact either or both to ensure that the part would be here the next day she refused. I asked her to connect me with the parts department, so that I could speak with them about having the part shipped overnight, and again she refused. She informed me that the parts department does not converse with anyone as unimportant as the consumer.

I then wrote a letter to LG explaining the situation and how upset and frustrated I am by it. In response they sent me several "canned," form-letter type responses that did not help, in any way, in resolving the problem. I called the service contractor on the Monday following the most recent breakdown, October 15th, to see if they had even received the part and they had not. They contacted LG's parts department and were informed that the part had been shipped "recently" and did not have a tracking number. Since they ordered the part on the previous Wednesday I do not know why it would only have been shipped "recently" on Monday, six days later.

I continued to write to LG, requesting that my letter be forwarded to someone in a position of authority, and was continually assured by the customer service team that no one in authority is interested in resolving this problem, so they would not bother them with my letter. I was, after a week of back and forth correspondence, eventually offered a 3 month extension of my warranty. When I responded that, at the very least, considering all of the time I have spent and inconvenience I have been put to as the result of their having sold a defective product (and the fact that I no longer have any faith, what-so-ever, that this lemon will continue working for more than a few months at a time) I would like them to extend my warranty for a full year I was told that they couldn't possibly extend my warranty by a year because they don't offer extended warranties. So they can extend the warranty by three months, even though they don't offer extended warranties, but not by a year, interesting.

I am now stuck with a lemon of a television that I expect to start throwing sparks or performing some other interesting trick at any time, and which LG refuses to replace. All-in-all, LG's response to this matter has been terrible. If you are planning on purchasing any electronics in the near future I would strongly advise you to avoid LG products at all costs. The frustration you will experience and the time you will spend trying to get your product to work will not be worth it in the long run, I can tell you this from personal experience. LG's complete and total refusal to accept responsibility for their products is maddening.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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