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I bought an expensive stainless steel oven to match the rest of my appliances and found out when it broke, LG couldnt get it fixed even though it was under warranty. They made it up to me by giving me a cheaper oven that doesnt match and now is eyesore in my kitchen.

After dealing with this for 6 months they told me thats all they can do, even though there are models that match the rest of my kitchen online. Simpy put I got screwed and would love to take them to court but who has that kinda cash.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Warranty.

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We are having the same experience...the "authorized repair service" could not get the part since June, my stove is pretty much inoperable. I think there should be a class-action lawsuit.


With people like these here it's a wonder any company still does business in the States. A bunch of spoiled little girls who want everything but are unwilling to understand that that can't have even half of what they want.

Please grow up and stop crying!

Naha-Shi, Okinawa, Japan #81256

They bent you over your oven and screwed you? You're a kinky ***, Bob.


the not true guy was me, I didnt know my user log in timed out....Trust me on that though. They have 10 days to either fix the issue in my state, which is Michigan or they have to abide by the warranty. If not, the state will send a report to court with me stating that they wouldnt even cooperate with a mediation thus actuating the court to side with me and actually give me punitive damages.


Depending on what state you live in, if LG gave you their as good or better warranty exchange, it was up to you to tell them if what they were giving you was exceptable or not. I went through the same thing with sears with a snowthrower.

It had the as good or better quality exchange in the warranty, so since they could not provide as good I actually got better with the help of the MI state Attorney General's Office.

So if you did not sign for that stove then file a complaint with your state's attorney general's office about anything you did not agree with. New thing these days, "buyer beware", means you have to CYO cause the stores and manufactorers are not going to do it for you.

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