Been dealing with LG for over a year now and still no working wash machine.

Started when they sent the wrong part which burned out the main board. Sent four more boards until getting the right one (this after being on eternal hold) and calling dozens of times.Then brand new shell we replaced shattered. Parts not available waited three months before them telling me no part for that but a new one substituted might work. I had to find the substitute part as they informed me that they did not have it and directed me to andrews electronics.

Long story but just had repairman here lo and behold wrong part (big surprise)

The problem here is my machine was made in Korea and they no longer make my model number and the parts they keep sending are from the machines made in Mexico. Really a big company like LG and they dont have the correct parts the machine is eight years old! Now here I sit once again and still no working machine! Not acceptable for them to not have the correct parts. They just passed the buck onto some other company! I feel like they just hope I go away and just get a new machine. I am not going away and they will repair this no matter what it takes or how many phone calls I have to make! LG has own parts dept why pass the buck off on someone else? I am going to contact three on your side on Monday maybe they can help me with this and finally expose LG for the incompetent company that they really are. Yes I am one mad consumer and will never buy another product from the again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Repair.

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