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LG Customer Abuse Center

Purchased 3 VX9900s. One would not a hold charge. Determined phone was problem. Got RA from LG customer abuse center in AL. Sent back for repair or replacement. 2 weeks later recieved replacement. "Tech" had stapled label to front of small carton phone was in prior to shipping back. Staple pierced the face of phone. I got RA immediately without even putting battery in and shipped back for replacement within 20 minutes of recieving. 2 weeks later I get same phone back with note that warranty is voided because there is water damage to the ciruit board, meaning I am responsible for that. If there was a problem like that it's because LG sent it to me in that condition. Since then I've been lied to repeatedly about how they will take care of the situation and that a supervisor named Tony would call back. Not in the last month, he hasn't. So far, I think I've returned the damaged phone about three times with promises of replacing it only to get the same darn phone back. Customer service people say they can't override the tech guy who determined the ciruitry was damaged. My guess is the Tech guy is the *** that put a staple through the face and is paying me back for pointing that out to them. After being on hold for about 45 minutes each time, I am assured they are reviewing the notes and getting all the RA numbers in order and giving it to a supervisor (Tony) for his approval. Somehow I think while I'm on hold they are all playing pinochle or something but NOT taking care of customers. Possibly they have an office pool and whoever can keep someone on hold the longest wins. I've filed complaints with San DIego BBB and some federal agency and they really don't care at LG. Google LG complaints. LG SUCKS

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Cell Phone.

Monetary Loss: $179.

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