Ok. French door frig.

I remodeled my kitchen and designed around an upcoming purchase of all LG products- top of the LG line- French door frig- microwave- electric range- dishwasher- washer - and dryer. Dishwasher broke- it was melting the rubber sealing - leaking-- After 6 visits I gave up and threw it in a trash dumpster and bought another brand. Micro-wave stopped working. Replaced the computer board 4 tines and then was told they did not make parts anymore and offered a settlement of $300 on what originally cost $1,200 and was 2 years old with an extended warranty from Home Depot.

I purchased another brand. Now refrigrator stopes cooling. After 4 trips by LG technicians and parts shipped 3 times, I was told they did not make the parts anymore and offered me a settlement of $800 on what cost $3,800 four years ago. Warranty states 7 years on closed system compressor.

No help from LG or the extended warranty with Home Depot. Washer needed 4 seals repaired and took six weeks to get that done. Electric range dining ok, but I am holding my breath. I assuming if one buys ANY appliance from LG paying for the top of their line, you can only use them for 3-4 years and then they cannot be repaired and deemed unusable!

No parts! Parts not made to repair the product. I spent around $10,000.00 for new appliances -LG- and three years later they are unusable and heading to the trash dump. Consumer relations witb LG are poor at the least.

We got your money- you got screwed! Also he very aware of Home Depot, their appliances support, and extended warranties! Another screw job.

Well, live and learn.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Range.

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