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This mail is written by a highly unsatisfied and acute victim of

pathetic customer service by a big brand "LG"!

Here is how our story goes.. Please be patient to read it properly...

We bought a Refrigerator on July 14th,2011 from "Sachdeva Electronics,

Kapil Vihar, Pitampura, New-Delhi-100034". The details of the purchase

are as follows:

Product: Double door Frost Free Refrigerator

Model No. GL338VE5

Name of buyer: Mr. Anil Garg

Address: Flat No. 17, Amit Apartments, Sector-13. Rohini, New-Delhi- 110085

Date of Purchase: 14th July, 2011

We started noticing problems with the refrigerator within a week of

this purchase. We immediately registered a complaint against the

product. Since then the saga of such complaints and visits of your

engineers continued.

The problems have been are as follows:

- Freezing of vegetables

- Sometimes excess, sometimes less of and other times no ice in the freezer.

- Spoiling of products like bread

- And now the water is itself not getting cold

Each time engineers from the service visit against the complaints we

lodge, they simply either put a tape in the fridge, change the

temperature, change the wiring, or fill the gas and take out the gas

after sometime. But none of their petty techniques have been of any

use at all! Its the same set of problems consistently for an year now

without anyone to address them properly,

We have lodged atleast 20-25 complaints within a span of 10 months!!

A few of the complaint numbers which we could collect are:

111210019678 (Vinod was the engineer), 111215083027(Mukesh Gulati

engineer), 120523016845 (on 23rd May, 2012) (Sumit Bajaj engineer),

one you can see in the mail below... and endless list goes...

We have even put the complaint in the online forums but to no response!

I talked to your Customer relationship officer- Shobha Pandey (name in

the mail below) but she again said that we will send an engineer and

none even visited this time!


This is heights of unprofessional and improper dealing with the

customer which is just not expected out of such a big brand and name!!

Selling of a faulty product and then not addressing the issues even

once properly!!! This is just not done!!!

We just look forward for an IMMEDIATE REPLACEMENT of this burden on

our head which was not even an easy buy for us!

If there is any customer service or relationship in LG, we are waiting

to get the required response ASAP!!!

Please escalate to the highest official required but we don't want to

write any more e-mails, lodge complains or talk to engineers and


-A highly Irritated and unsatisfied customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Kolkata, West Bengal, India #688876

Hi - I have face similar problem with the same model. Please let me know what action has been taken by LG in this regards.



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