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Circuit board replaced - no lightning strikes - no doors open! THREE times the freezer fan has frozen up Had to unplug for hours and now another call has been made and service coming.

Refrigerator is only 3 yrs old! We had a refrigerator 30 years and never had a service call! What is wrong with this company with all these complaints you get? Do you not ever leave a good customer satisfied.

I will never recommend this refrigerator or any LG product to anyone.More details you say? Well, the first time it went we were without a refrigerator for five days!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

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We has almost the exact same problem with our LG Refrigerator Model # LFX25974ST. It was purchased 4/7/12 and on 7/1/12 is stopped cooling anything.

The freezer completely defrosted everything and the refrigerator is as warm as the outside temp. It took 10 days for a service tech to come out with a new main board and fan but the mainboard He brought did not fit. He left without any repair only replaced the defective board and did not even replace the back panel. The unit has been dead for 12 days now and LG has shown no interest in a rapid solution.

We are now working with Home Depot for a return and refund so we can go purchase another refrigerator. I bet you cant guess which brand we wont be looking at this time. I will give you a hint the initials are LG.

Customer service is non existent and the quality is extremely shoddy. A 2400.00 dollar refrigerator should last more than 3 months.

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