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I purchased all stainless steel in 3/282015 when my kitchen was remodeled. Delivered 4/13/2015.

My cleaning lady noticed in August 2015 that I had a streek on the door that looks like rust., I have only used stainless wipes to clean the door. I was out of town the month of May. I live alone and only use the washer once a week or dependent. on amount of dishes.

Called Sep 14,2015 and was told cosmetic and warranty does not cover that only functional parts. Out of town again from Sept 18th thru Oct. 5th. I was told to have a service company technican look at it.

at my expensive. A and E service was here today. The warranty reads;any part of the dishwasher materials or workmanship is covered for one year. The technican talked with two people and they still say it is not covered.

He has been doing service for ten years, I certainly will not say anything good about LG and I live in a condo of 180 units where alot of people are updating The damaged piece of steel used was defective and makes my kitchen look like ***. LG has photos.,

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have a lg dishwasher. Had it under a year & the motor needed to be replaced.

For the 2 hr cycle it makes a loud whistling noise. When they came to replace motor, I complained about the door looking like it had rust spots as well. They did replace the door. Now once again it's less than a yr after getting new motor & it has to be replaced.

LG told us this is last time.

I will NEVER buy lg again. So we have to spend hundreds of dollars buying a dishwasher & then budget to have motor replaced yearly?!

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