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I bought an LG vacuum from Home depot it didn't last a year so I sent it back to get it fixed. The rep I first spoke with said it would take 14 days to get it fixed and returned, Wow not bad right..

Well after sending it back 3 weeks went by and I didn't hear anything so I called.The rep said it was fixed and ready to be shipped.NICE...two weeks went by???? I called this rep said it was still in the shop and they didn't think it could be fixed so they would just send a new vacuum.OK great we will ship it right out he said 2-3 days we would have a new Vacuum... By this time my wife is beside her self.... a week went by I called still no vacuum??

the rep this time said this vacuum wasn't made any longer and they would have to see what they could do. Had to talk to a higher up. We they are now going to cut me a check.

This has been one of the worst customer service I have ever had. LG makes a good product but really needs to work on what matters and that is much better customer service if they ever want to be on top.....

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Bought an LG LDF6810ST dishwasher back in 2006. Had a service guy replace the motherboard (wires burned the insulation inside the door, btw)in 2010.

Hasn't worked since. I decided that since i was finally back to work, I would spend a little more money on either fixing it or buying a new dishwasher -NOT AN LG ONE!

Anyway, i opened the bottom wash drum thingy, and discovered that the heating element burned *** through another plastic part, causing a very dangerous situation! This brand sucks hard.


Don't ever buy a front loading washing machine from these clowns.

Mine malfunctioned (probably a faulty water control valve) and flooded 3 rooms in my home, destroying my floors. Even though the product was about 7 months old and under warranty, they wouldn't cover the damage. Said it wasn't their fault as they couldn't replicate the issue while testing out my parts. What is the warranty for, again?

I will never buy another LG product, especially after speaking to a friend today who bought a refrigerator that was a joke - didn't work after two weeks, got a replacement and that one didn't work.

What happened to good old American ingenuity and manufacturing? Oh yeah, it's done in Korea. Even Sears Kenmore products. Great. :(

Joshua Spaford

LG does suck. I bought a ref within warranty I ask them to inspect it.

They refuse to attend to it. LG is a capital SUCK


LG stands for Lousy Gaget!


LG stands for Lousy Gaget!

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