In a 3 year period I purchased 4 LG products A washer, then dryer, a LCD TV and then a Dishwasher. Out of the 4 products 3 of them failed within 2.5 years of purchase.

The Dryer was the first, the motor died and would not start. New motor belt and rollers. Parts 175.00 and my time to fix. LG wanted 380.00 to repair.

The Dishwasher was next it started to not wash dishes on the top rack and it was leaking. The sump assembly had to be replaced the detergent dispenser was not functional and a corrugated hose was leaking. Parts were 179.00 and my 2.5 hours to repair. LG wanted $450.00 to repair.

Finally a LG flat screen TV Turns on and off incessantly. Sent to repair shop and they replaced a switch and charged me $120, STILL DOESN'T WORK. No board available. What a *** company.

Never Again!!

Don't buy there ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Tv.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

  • LG TV Dishwasher dryer junk
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Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia #761396

sorry, worng click..I mean its useful.

the *** state for anonymous response above.

I've been contact LG support but still their response is confusing and not helping.

btw I'm just buying LG washing machine.


I am seeing complaint(s) here about LG Electronics Canada Inc.

so I thought that I would post this information and I thought

it help the people here.

If you have a complaint against LG Electronics Canada Inc you can

contact them in the following ways.

Please note that LG Electronics Canada Inc. moved their headquarters

from Mississauga Ontario to North York so the information bellow is

the correct information.

LG Electronics Canada Inc.

20 Norelco Drive

North York, ON

Canada, M9L 2X6

Phone #: 647-253-6300

Fax #: 647-253-6399

Website: http://www.lge.com/

Email: customerservice@lge.com

Customer Service #: 1-888-542-2623

Customer Service form


LG Canada actually has a facebook and twitter page as well

and you can post a complaints there as well.



The BBB page for LG Electronics Canada Inc. is located at


If you want to contact the legal team you to bring legal action

against LG Electronics Canada Inc. you can do so by contacting

one of these individuals.

Sue Diaz at sue.diaz@lge.com

Phone #: 647-253-6300 Fax #: 416-907-5631

Ron Kean at ron.kean@lge.com

Phone #: 647-253-6300 Fax #: 416-907-5631

I hope that this information helps everyone here.

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