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LG never honored anything. I called them and they gave us a number to a repair company that did not have the part in stock.

So we had to resort to fixing a $1000.00 washer that was only 4 years old and pay $434.00 to have it fixed. As I said I will never buy another LG product again.

Original review posted by user Oct 29, 2011

LG washers Blow. I will never buy their products again.

They do not stand behind their products. The front loader washer we paid 1000.00 for broke after only 4 years of use-total piece of JUNK. I would NOT recommend their products to anyone EVER. And they have all these foreign ppl answering their phones.

Its ridic. When I called the girl just sat there on the phone and didnt say anything. The parts they cover under the bogus warranty are parts that do not or cant break!

I will never buy an LG product again. Dont waste your money seriously.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I agree. LG is the worst.

My washing machine I have personally repaired myself over 6 years totaling in just parts alone $700. Now recently a fridge that didn't even last 7 years.. L.G.

is off my list.. They don't back there product nor will I.


LG sucks!! A & E factory service blows chunks too! Don't buy LG or from Home Depot or Lowes !


lg dishwasher sucks too. horrible customer service.Type your message here


Lg phones suck too. I honestly make fun of anyone in my high school who has one.


I have an LG washer. It is a piece of junk.

Goes UE several times during every load, no matter how big or small, no matter how arranged. Never again!


LG does indeed SUCK. Our washer & dryer cost $2400 the pair 7 years ago.

Washer needs a new control panel--discontinued--and they don't care, so now have 200 pounds of scrap. Must deal with LG's own Tech guy and he doesn't call back after several messages. People like washer and dryer to match---so what now---another $2400+taxes? First washer/dryer I had 35 years ago was Maytag--sold with house--ZERO service calls in 35 years.

Whirlpool could NOT compete so bought Maytag and closed the Maytag factory in Iowa. New Maytags(?) made by Whirlpool---no where near the quality of the originals.

My cell phone is LG and As soon as I can buy it out, I'll get ANY OTHER BRAND EXCEPT LG. We will Never ever buy any LG products ever again.


I completely agree. I had an LG Plasma TV die within a few years, a Nexus 5X go into boot loop on me and my parents bought a washer that died within a few years.

In baseball, it's 3 strikes and you're out but at least you get to come to the plate and bat again. Sorry LG I'm not playing anymore games with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LG sucks. The compressor went out twice on a 3 1/2 year old refrigerator that retailed for $3700.

The parts are under warranty, but the labor is almost what a new fridge costs.

Customer service also sucks beyond belief. Bye bye LG.


I am going back and forth with LG to get them to honor their 10 year compressor warranty. They won't do it!

The refrigerator is 4 years old and I paid over $2000. It is the French door model with the water dispenser and ice maker.

I will never buy anything made by LG. They don't care about their costumers at all!


Lg is suck and will never buy anything with lg on it. Part

Under warranty but not labor.

They charge enormous amount of labor and fee to come out. Bye bye lg


LG cell phones suck, they bootloop a lot and when u try to get a mew one they give you a cheaper and crappier replacement! They make *** products they dont back them and thier customer service sucks!


LG has not changed for the better. Customer support has only got worse or non existent. They made a whole line of speakers dependent on updates and abandoned all support for them while they sell them as current products.


I must agree. I bought an LG fridge last year...it totally died and the customer service was disappointingly unhelpful. I don't plan to buy any LG products in the future.


I am going through the same problem now with a 2 year old refrigerator. Nothing but lies and bureaucracy. I will be writing letters and making a huge stink about this.


Terrible customer service. I will never buy an LG product.


LG Sucks!!


l agree.. trying to find a way to sue these people.

was told by them " do your best, we have better layers. ( cant sue them they are in Korea.


Absolutely the worst products I have seen in years, and the worst customer service. So I put a curse on any LG employee partner and especially the owner and corporate personnel


Their phones absolutely suck too and they do not stand by their product they try to put it off on Verizon and Verizon will not honor it either and Verizon is absolutely the worst network of 5 that I have used. They both passed the buck and do not honor there product at all


Bought LG 60" tv, didn't last a year, brought out serviceman and he couldn't fix it, so instead of LG sending us a new one, they said they'd refund the money. Had 30 days to send back tv, but they NEVER sent the box!

Where do you find a box for a 60" tv???? Just BS!! Even put me on hold cause I asked "where the *** is my *** return box".

*** put me on hold! Pissed me off even more