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LG never honored anything. I called them and they gave us a number to a repair company that did not have the part in stock.

So we had to resort to fixing a $1000.00 washer that was only 4 years old and pay $434.00 to have it fixed. As I said I will never buy another LG product again.

Original review posted by user Oct 29, 2011

LG washers Blow. I will never buy their products again.

They do not stand behind their products. The front loader washer we paid 1000.00 for broke after only 4 years of use-total piece of JUNK. I would NOT recommend their products to anyone EVER. And they have all these foreign ppl answering their phones.

Its ridic. When I called the girl just sat there on the phone and didnt say anything. The parts they cover under the bogus warranty are parts that do not or cant break!

I will never buy an LG product again. Dont waste your money seriously.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I furnished my new kitchen with all LG appliances a few years ago. Not at all happy.

Nothing but problems with the electric stove, several circuit board issues. Refrigerator no major issues yet. Ice maker finicky.

Dishwasher and microwave work ok but seem cheaplymade. Plastic parts breaking or falling off.

@Hate LG

My new LG refrigerator freezer's ice maker is always malfunctioning.

Also one of the shelves on the door ripped off.

My LG television about 4years old.

All of the HG ports stopped working.

LG refused to help. :( :


I had a $3,000 LG French door refrigerator 6 years ago. After 2 years and $1,000 in repairs and continuous defrosting issues, it finally burned up.

The lamp in the main compartment stayed on when the door was closed and literally cooked all the food in the main compartment. LG said that it only got 100 degrees F but the eggs were hard boiled and the croissants ready to eat. Of course it stunk up the whole house with burning plastic smell. I had several discussions with LG directly but they denied any assistance.

LG is a POS company. I have never bought another LG product of any type since then and I encourage other people not to also.

They do make some excellent products but they do not back their products and their business ethics are unacceptable.


Bought an LG frig.

Lasted less than two years.

Repairman said these were designed to sell and not fix.

LG had *** customer service (use the term service loosely here).

Getting an Amana frig this weekend with good old electromechanical controls.

Thinking about taking the LG to the range and shooting it to pieces and putting the video on youtube to show the only and one use for an LG appliance.

Don't buy aything LG.

They suck.


LG TV sucks too. I bought a tv in 2012 that lost all its video input in 2015.

I have a DLP that's still kicking but my newer LCD is dead. I thought LG was a decent brand but Life is NOT Good and they're overseas customer service stinks as does their approach to customer loyalty.


I'm going to put this out there, because there was a time when I was a huge LG proponent, I loved their phones, outfitted my entire house with their appliances. DON'T BUY LG!

it is the worst hyped over overblown *** on the planet!! There are cold and hot spots all over the fridge and freezer. The clothes washer refuses to wash anything but a full load. The prongs in the dishwasher are barely welded into place and snap off at random, and if you want the dishes clean, they better be clean before you put them in there.

The only thing that works like it should is the dryer, but I'm sure its only a matter of time before it burns the house down. and to top it all off my latest LG phone has been nothing but trouble, bad enough that it crashes on a regular basis, now the *** touch screen stopped working... so in effect..

I'm done. I wouldn't recommend this to an enemy.


I got a lg tv about 2 years ago and it just stopped working on me. What kind of tv lasts only 2 years, I've had cheaper tvs that have lasted 10 years and still counting!

And apparently this is a frequent problem where the motherboard goes out and it costs $150 to fix it.

At this point I just don't trust lg and am saving to replace it with a trustworthy Japanese brand! :(


Two years I've been dealing with this *** cellphone I paid full cash price for. Had problems since it came out of the box.

Customer service is no help. Take the battery out and reset the phone they say. I do that six *** times a day it doesn't help. Its a buggy piece of *** that constantly freezes up.

For 3 months they gave me the runaround on the helpline Then told me sorry it's out of warranty. $600 for a piece of *** that doesn't work.

As soon as I can afford it I'm going to buy a Samsung Galaxy S 4 then take a hammer to this piece of *** LG and put the video of it on YouTube. *** LG LG sucks.


We just had our fridge break down us and LG could care less. It has been a week so far and we are still with a DEAD fridge.

They came and did a diagnostic and it was a simple fuse blown on the circuit board!! They said they could not replace the fuse and instead stated the entire circuit board needed to be placed at a cost of $344! When it was a simple 50 cent fuse!!!!

Never again will I even think of buying another LG piece of GARBAGE! The whole company is nothing but GARBAGE!


LG is the worst. I bought one of their dishwashers for $1000.

It failed in two years. I had to pay $300 to get it fixed and the same part failed less than 2 years later. They would only offer to repair it again but I would've had to pay for labor. I told them to *** off and ended up getting a settlement in small claims court (it cost me more in time, but it was worth it).

Today my LG refrigerator died. Only 7 years old but past the warranty. I could get it fixed for $600 and wait a week without a refrigerator, but I'm sure it would fail again.

The point of this rant is to warn anyone thinking of buying an LG appliance - DON'T. They suck.


Been dealing with this LG Steam Fresh Washer for years. Excuse my french, but a piece of ***!

NEVER BALANCES on spin, walks accros the floor. Tried dealing with LG, they replaced parts, said to support floor,spent money on that, rubber balancers, did not work, took washer off expensive storage drawers below, no better, probably worse!


Bought an LG TV last year and had problems ever since. LG changed the main board in the TV 4-5 times in December and now the problem is back and they won't do anything to fix it.

Yes it is still in warranty.

Buyer Beware thought I bought a good TV and wound up with a lemon. Last LG product I will buy!


"LG stands for Lousy Garbage"

I had purchased an LG LCD TV from HSN back in 2008 and lucky for me I purchased a 2yr extended warranty w/HSN because after the LG 1yr warranty expired the TV went bad and I had it serviced thru HSN in 2010. Well presently The same TV isn't working again w/another issue but I'm out of warranty!!


I also had purchased an LG refrigerator back in 2005 that lasted about 4yrs (Bad compressor). My landlord went an brought me a new fridge, guess what brand....yes LG! I'm expecting it to go soon!



I had an LG cell phone, or shall I say 3 LG cell phones. The screen kept failing.

LG's stellar customer service kept replacing it with the same model until the warranty ran out and then I was on my own. Sprint wasn't much help either. They offered to give me a new phone if I extended my contract and purchased the phone insurance plan. I'm sorry, but that is NOT good customer service.

I expect both LG and Sprint to stand behind the products they sell! To top it off, a Sprint rep told me on the sly that there was a known problem with this LG phone, and they keep replacing it with the same faulty piece of ***???

I will NEVER buy another piece of JUNK from LG ever again!!! In fact, no one in my home is allowed to own an LG product either.


Agreed. I bought a LG LED monitor and it stopped working in no more than 3 weeks.

It was sent to LG for service since 2 months ago and I still haven't received it! LG said it was delay of parts. One CS person replied me and said it will be sent to the manager for decision. Then no more feedback.

This is totally redonkulous! LG sucks.


We bought an lg fridge and diswasker and range. All three suck.

The ice maker stopes working after a year and customer support couldn't care less. The dishwasher does not clean week. DO NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS.

Another buggy products from Korea. My previous was working for 14 years and still working when I replaced them with the *** Korean product


1400 Dollar LG washer that jumps off the floor and rips the water line out of the wall. Battle between Sears and LG.

LG says its not normal Sears technicians say it is. WTF. LG says out of warranty, sorry. Sears says out of warranty sorry!

efn piece of ***, consumer rip off artists.

They wont even replace a face plate that the lettering wiped off of unless I pay a authorized *** 100 dollar service call, what a joke sears and LG FUKKKKK OFF. The BBB will be spoken to and the Attorny General Today.

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