Ottawa, Ontario

Bought model 50PK550 TV just over a year ago. Now it doesn't turn on.

It is just three months out of warranty. Purchase price is $700. Repair cost is $300. Customer service guy basically said "Oh well, too bad" and did nothing to help.

He said "you should have got the extended warranty". I wouldn't buy ANY TV that only is expected to last one year. His suggestion is disparaging and quite insulting.

Don't buy an LG TV.

You will regret it. It is a complete waste of money.

I am looking to buy a second TV. You can be sure it won't be made by LG.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Tv.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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I'm not quite sure why most of these people are so pissed. If you don't buy an extended warranty, and your item fails after the factory warranty expires, the manufacturer is NOT required to solve your problem. You all just muddy the waters for those who have legitimate complaints.


I am very unahppy because none of my over a dozen cross-head screwdrivers fit the screws for the TV base. I called customer support and they advised me that it is an M4x20 screw.

This may be a metric/pozidrive screw, or something else. Not supplying a compatible screw for U.S. customers, and not properly advising U.S. consumers in the users guide what we need to do a correct assembly is a major problem that this manufacturer is creating.

At the least, they should advise what screwdriver is required or supply a screwdriver that fits.

This makes what is a potentially excellent TV look like garbage. I also hate buying a screwdriver just for this TV, and never needing to use it again.

This lack of concern for the American consumer is terrible--how could they be so throghtless?


I tried continuously to find a human to talk to about a simple aggrovation I will go back to USA products even though they cost 3 times as much. Indian help could not even give me a number to LG Consumer support. I will never again buy LG.

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