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I have a 42" LG TV that has a mind of its own. It scrolls through the entire on-screen memory all by itself even lowers the volume to 0 without pressing a single button!

At first LG's customer service said "its more than a year old so its out of guarantee". I was happy to prove to them that they not only produce faulty goods that do not comply with the Sale of Goods Act but they are liars as well. Why? well the guarantee is for two years!

When this was pointed out they claimed that guarantee are provided as goodwill. Really! Try reading various official websites and you'll find that a gurantee is a legal contract once it is issued. So LG do you think you are above the law?

Best advice to potential customers is watch LG because if they can shirk their legal reponsibilities - the'll make an eel look as sold is a rock! (excuse the mixed metaphors)

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Tv.

Monetary Loss: $750.

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Try taking the batteries out of the remote. The remote may be erroneously sending signals to the TV. If it stops you have your answer.

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