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We bought a new LG top load washer. It wrinkles the laundry so badly that most clothing needs to be ironed.

Did all their recommendations (load clothes properly, lower water temp, lower spin speed) all to no avail. They insisted upon sending out a repairman. He said machine us fine; problems are inherent for this top loader. He recommended all above and that I add fabric softener.

Absolutely no difference at all! When washing sheets or table clothes, etc., at the end of the cycle, the sheet on top is spun to a perfect circle. It looks exactly like the spare tire on the back of a Toyota Rav 4. Today, additionally, three of the pockets of the fitted sheet had a pillow case wadded up inside.

And...a SWEATER came out totally wrinkled.

Bottom line...don't ever, ever, ever buy an LG top loading machine. My aunt has a samsung and doesn't have said problems.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Washing Machine.

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Yeah, a dryer tends to help with the wrinkling problem. Also, if you don't want clothes or linens to get stuck all up inside each other during the wash cycle (like what happened to 3 of the 4 pockets on your fitted sheet), the solution is to hand wash everything.

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