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LG got sued in New Jersey in the Federal District court for selling defective TVs last week. Maybe people who purchased their TVs can get a little justice.

My understanding is that LG TVs had a series of issues with electrical components in their LCD and Plasma TVs causing premature failures.

These TV manufacturers fail to inform purchasers that the new flat screen technology won't last 10 or 15 years without replacing expensive boards. Who in their right mind would spend 2 or 3 thousand dollars for a TV that only lasts for 3 or 4 years before requiring expensive repairs?

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Tv.

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Purchased LG 55 LED TV 2 months ago. Called 3.4 for customer service, got someone in the Philippines that was difficult to understand.

He told me that the TV was scheduled for repair the following day. Called the service center and they had no record of call. They then scheduled me for the following Thurs. That morning they called and said the part was not received from LG.

Next scheduled appt. would be 5 days later. LG did not overnight these parts to the service center as anyone with brains would do. All parts are made in KOREA!

If I would have read this site, I would have never purchased this TV that went bad in less time than Kim K was married. I will advise everyone on all social media not to purchase ANY LG products.

Where do they get off with "Life's Good". Don't they understand the meaning of that phrase?


Hey, I have had TWO LG failures that happened just past their warranty period. I flushed about $2500 down the toilet by purchasing these two pieces of *** TVs.

LG service is of no help. I talked with four of them, up the chain of command, that basically said "too bad, it's your problem." First one was a 42 inch LCD which we had repaired at the cost %500 and it lasted 6 more months then died again, so evidently the replacement part was one of the defective ones too.. It went to the trash. The second one (Current one) is 55-inch was we paid $1300 discounted price 15 months ago and now it is a big black hole in the wall.

I'll will NOT pay to have it repaired. I am just telling my experience on as many websites as I can until LG does something about this. Hopefully this will help some other families from wasting their hard-earned money on defective high-priced LG trash TVs. LG stinks.

They should be made to make this right for all the consumers affected. Dishonest, shady company.


Google LG TV Class action for a link to the case.

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