Hi LG Team

I am writing to you as a result of countless arguments and follow up

with the LG Customer care and Region Centers for a wrong buy.

We had bought a 42 inch TV from one of the famous retail outlets on

15th Aug'12 at Mumabi. The Outlet displayed a huge board of amazing

discount of 40% on a 42 inch LED 3D TV, which seemed to be an

irresistible buy for a middle class family like ours.

Having the TV delivered to my cousins house in Mumbai, we paid the

additional cost

of travel at the mumbai Airport to Bangalore.

On 23rd Aug we requested for installation of TV. Seeing no response

from the local LG team we asked the Call Centre guys for a POC at

Bangalore. NO BODY seemed to pick the phone even after ringing 10 - 15

times. After several other follow ups from the customer care we got

Mohans number. We were promised an immediate support within 24 hrs.

Again after several followups we had someone do the installation for

us. Post installation, the TV DID NOT TURN ON!!!

The Demo guy obviously had no idea what was wrong, said he would send

an engineer to fix it within 24 hrs. The procedure of us following up

continued when an engineer came to diagnose the problem. The same

story of being "lost" and keeping us in the "dark" continued when he

said, "Sir I don't know, you will get a call tomorrow". After several

followups from us AGAIN, and to and fro conversations, we get a revert

that they will not be able to replace the TV, they would however fix

it for us.

Now can someone or anyone answer me the below questions.

1. Why would i want to pay a huge lump some amount for a repaired TV

and still assume it as a new TV???

2. Aug '15th showed other brands of amazing discounts which we did not

opt for and bought LG assuming it was the best buy. If we are refunded

the money right now, will we have to wait for another festival to buy

a new tv?

3. We paid 62994 after discount. The local team claims to refund the

amount which was billed at the retail store. After 2 weeks of

maintaining the TV, ensuring the safety from mumbai to bangalore, who

is going to refund the extra amount of endless followups we have made

to the customer service, local team, Mr Mohan, the engineer and the

damage done to our walls due to drilling of the wall mount stand???

This is an absolute breach of trust and customer service. As a

customer i demand immediate revert on how will this be resolved. This

will also be my final communication to LG as a company for any

complaints. I will ensure I spend all my time and money at the

consumer court to receive justice on this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Tv.

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