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I purchased a LG 60" 1080P SMART Plasma TV (net weight: 77.2 pounds) on Dec 6 2014 for Xmas. I mounted it on the (5 pound) plastic stand provided and used the 3 screws that came with it.

There’s a design flaw right there. Mounting a 77.2 pound 60” TV on a 5 pound plastic base held by only 3 screws (Samsung uses 6) which is screwed into an ALL plastic meets plastic base top and bottom, but I digress.

Less than 2 1/2 months later at 2 a.m. one night, we heard a big crash in the living room. My first thought was that someone had broken into my house. When I went into the living room I saw the LG TV lying flat on the floor. I took a few pictures with my smart phone of the TV, stand, and the shattered plastic inside the top of the stand itself. (The section on the base of the TV that fits into the stand that required the 3 screws shattered into many pieces).

Now, my nightmare really begins.

I called 1.800.234.000, LG Service Representative Department which connected me to an oversea call center located in the Philippines. After many attempts to explain my concerns, I was transfer twice and remained on hold for over 30 minutes or so.

I final got to speak to someone of authority and he asked me to go their website and explain the problem and also send pictures of which I immediately did. Then they agree to send a TV technician to, “investigate the problem.”

As the days grew, no technician yet, I received call from their LG tech support to tell me that they recommend that I should have wall-mounted the TV. I said, “Then why is it that you provide your customers with a stand? He have no answer for that. Besides, it says in the owner’s manual Section: Setting Up The TV, quote: “You can mount your TV to the wall or attach the stand if you wish to place the TV on an entertainer center or other furniture.” Still no answer for that tidbit of information from the LG manual instructions.

(They should really know their product better than that.)

Then a yesterday, a TV repair technician named Ron came and analysis, investigated, scrutinized and took a few pictures of the TV, the plastic stand and fittings and came to the conclusion that the screws gave out and that the TV fell.

He saw no customer error there as he stated to me.

Listen, I have no little kids running around the house. No 100 lb. dog. That could have knock the TV over. Gee whiz.

Ron’s boss Phil called today and submitted Ron’s report to LG. After 45 mins. of transfers and being on hold, the person on the LG Support side said NO. He stated that “It was the customer fault for tightening the screws too tight! So they were not responsible.”

Say what?! So what torque value I should have used again? I hand screwed them in and DID NOT use a power drill.

I called this afternoon and insisted that I speak to a customer support person in the USA. After a 20 min. wait I finally spoke with a Rep named Willie out of Alabama. He promised me that he would call the TV repair technician that came to my house and look into it the matter further.

I will never buy a LG product again. I will not, would not recommend LG to anyone. I’ll keep you posted to see if Willie from Alabama can help.

My advice to you….buy Samsung. I have a 55” Samsung TV mounted on its stand in the back of a Samsung Sound Bar and it’s still on it after 3 years of hundreds of loud, shoot’em up movies and TV shows!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Tv.

I liked: Quality of picture.

I didn't like: Customer service and attitude.

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