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LG tv's suck dont bye unless you have time to fight to get them fixed my tv is just passed the warrenty date and it turns on and off by it self and yes it is not the batteries i changed them 3 times i turn it on and it turns off and on like a ghost.......THIS TV WAS TO REPLACE THE ONE I BOUGHT LAST YEAR AT LEONS AND I HAD TO FIGHT TO GET IT FIXED IT TOOK THEM 3 MOUNTHS TO GET IT FIXED IT COULD NOT BE FIXED SO I HAD TO GET A NEW ONE I DID NOT WANT TO BYE IT FROM LEONS I WANTED MY MONEY BACK AND I HAD TO BYE A NEW ONE IN STORE CREADIT SO I GOT lg

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Tv.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #647006

Bought an LG TV last year and had problems ever since. LG changed the main board in the TV 4-5 times in December and now the problem is back and they won't do anything to fix it.

Yes it is still in warranty.

Buyer Beware thought I bought a good TV and wound up with a lemon. Last LG product I will buy!


Bought lg plasma dec.2008 very little usage tv screen went black no extended warrenty was offered at the time of purchace tv screen went black still have sound no picture bought philips plasma 3 yrs earlier still up and running no problems lg you suck your warrenty sucks and your crstomer service is left to answer for your failer I will never purchace an lg product again


The current LG tv that's sitting in the living room cannot detect and new hardware other than the cable box. I went through all the solutions to try to get it to recognize anything else.

A geek squad worker told me that there is nothing he can do. This 1080i tv displays HD at an SD standard. When I asked another tech specialist how I can avoid this issue, he said DONT BUY LG GARBAGE.

LG is a horrible company! Their products build quality is always ***

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