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I purchased an LG Vacuum a few months ago. The belt snapped a month after.

Searched everywhere to purchase one. No where to be found. Called costumer service and two weeks later ..... no belt.

Suprise, suprise, nothing can do about it they said. Highly NOT recmomended to purchase an LG vacuum unless you want to pay too much and be stuck with a POS. unhappy!!!!!!! LG is a company who does NOT back up their products and do NOT care about the customers who purchase their products!!!!

If you call to complain, all they do is say "sorry.. nothing we can do about it". REALLY!!!!!

their is something you can do about it..... BUY YOUR PIECE OF *** BACK OFF ME SO THAT I CAN BUT A DYSON!!!!

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Sounds like the perfect example to use your Legal Shield membership... unless you like getting pushed around by the big, bad corporation. Never heard of it, check out


Same here, after searching and searching, Sears is the only place that sells a replacement belt for $17! And you have to have it shipped to you, none are local and in stores.

Being stuck with no vacuum for another week and a half with 4 kids is impossible.

Lg should have better thought this through. POS!


My belt just broke on mine and while I cannot find one locally, there are several places to order them online. Just bought one off Not that hard at all...


I feel your pain - searched and researched and everyone said how wonderful they were - within one month BELT BROKE!!! I am now on a search to find a new one - I agree POS - siad it was great with pet hair - but first time I used it the beater bar wound up and stopped.

and the hand held piece is useless. NEVER buying Korean again - there's a $250 lesson.

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