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Two weeks of hassling with customer service has produced the decision that my AC unit failed because of salty air, and LG is declining to honor the warranty on their machine. It stopped producing cold air two weeks before the one-year warranty deadline.

The refrigerant has all leaked out, apparently because of corrosion. LG could not/would not find a repair service to officially diagnose the issue, so LG has never looked at the unit. However, because I described the leaked-out refrigerant and mentioned the word corrosion, an LG customer service supervisor in northern Alabama (250 miles from the nearest salt water) decided that, because I live five miles from a tidal estuary with brackish water, salt air must be the culprit. He told me that these units never fail for any other reasons, which I have trouble believing, and that the only way this could have happened is because of salt air.

Never mind that the prevailing winds blow from my house toward the Bay, and not vice versa. Never mind that I have a 15-year-old Frigidaire unit that still works fine. I mentioned the idea of factory defects, and he said that was impossible, so his decision is final, according to him.

I am pursuing the matter through the Office of the Attorneys General in my state and in New Jersey, where LG USA is headquartered - less than a mile from the salty Hudson River estuary, I might add. I wonder if the AC units in their headquarters building work?

Monetary Loss: $299.

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