I got the LG Vue from At&t. Two year contract, it still cost 60.

I did have 30 days to return the phone. Every time I tried to talk to someone about the problems, it was always because I needed to have this feature or this feature, etc. By the time my phone was "fully activated" with all the extra *** I had to purchase, the 30 days were up!!! Still not working, I either, had to buy a new phone without any discount pricing, or just use the older phone I still had before my upgrade.

Don't Buy.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I had the vue and after a year the battery just shut of without warning it was dead. ATT said they never heard of the problem. This was december 2010!!!!


We have 2 LG Vues and within 1 year, we have had to replace the batteries 3 times. The phone gets so hot that you cannot touch the back of the phone.

I can't even talk for 5 mins without needing to charge my phone. AT&T says, they are unaware of any problems reported on the VUE..yeah right!


Does anyone have a problem with the phone overheating while talking? I have replaced the battery which almost caught on fire while charging. But I still can only talk about 15 minutes before my ear starts to heat up.


I love the way my LG Vue works and all the features. It is a very simple phone.

I have had the battery issue that others are having. It will not hold a charge. At last check I could only talk 2 min. and the battery will die.

I have had the phone for 11 months.

I will be replacing the battery but I do love the phone! :zzz


I have yet to have the touch screen problem but my phone has been going from full battery to dead in 10 mins then when i start the phone back up it has 2/3 battery left.

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both my son's and my lg vue screens and batteries have failed. we can't upgrade yet so we are stuck using old phones...i won't be renewing my contracts w/ att&t!


My wife's LG Vue touchscreen stopped working jsut aftet the firt year. It cost $100 to fix. I will never tpurchase a LG phone again, and since AT&T would not let us as a preferred customer purchase a new phone at a discounted price, We will be changing carriers when our contract is up in Novemeber.


I am on my 3rd LG Vue. The screen stops working or it spontaneously pushes it's own buttons.

AT&T has replaced it for me and said if it happens again I can get a totally different model.

Now I am just waiting. Make sure you save your numbers to your sim card!


My wife and I both had one. Her screen never worked right. We've sent it back and she is currently complaining about the 2nd.

I recently sent my phone into LG for repair. After 3 months the LCD recieved a crack on it. Not the touch screen that I "touch", but underneath, this has to be a manufacturer defect.

DO NOT BUY LG. They dont care about their customers. We are not their customers, AT&T is their customer. I called LG several times trying to work this out. All you get is some person on the line who, no matter what argument you bring, simply replies with "yes, but the charge to repair still stands".

I am cancelling my contract with AT&T to combat LG. Its the only way I can even fight back. Perhaps if enough people screw the cell-plan carriers, they will figure out that the cell-phone manufacturers are screwing us. I will take the low marks on my credit; steal a couple hundred dollars from AT&T and hope that when its done I come out ahead. These large corporations are built from the ground up to steal from you and I. I for one am tired of it, and am using what little power I have, to fight back.


My touchscreen spontaneously died after a year. Strangely, a friend of mine with this phone had hers die in the exact same manner, also after a year. It's not bad, but make sure you get a warranty on it.


:( Mine quit in 60 days. Not real happy with LG or freakin att!


Touchscreen quit working after 1 year.

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