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My wife and I bought a front loading LG washer in March of '08. When it worked we were very pleased with the washer. About 8 months ago (before its 3rd birthday) it started vibrating very badly. I assumed that I had somehow knocked the leveling mechanism out of whack when I moved it just before that. I was unable to get the strong vibrating to stop. Four weeks ago it vibrated violently and started smoking. As it turns out, the ceramic mount on the back is broken, the drum is warped, and the gasket and the seal are both ruined (literally "smoked"!). Although the stainless drum has a lifetime warranty, the other parts and labor were over $400. I will spare you the details, but the status is this: LG "agreed" to "extend" the warranty to cover all the repairs. Sounded good. But here we are in our 4th week without a washer and LG told me three days ago that it would be at least 7 - 10 days additional for LG's "Scheduling Center" to locate an authorized repair center that will repair it. The 2 closest service centers, one we have done business with several times in the past, have refused to do the warranty work for what LG is willing to pay them. In addition to the 7 to 10 days to locate someone to do the work (which I don't think will happen), then they have to order the parts and schedule the repair – estimate another week and a half to do that? If so, LG apparently thinks it is totally reasonable for us to go a total of 7 or 8 weeks without a washer that is supposed to be under warranty. Obtuse and arrogant.

Bottom line: 1) it didn't last 3 years; 2) LG has no interest in providing speedy resolution - they simply want to wait us out and hope we get frustrated and go away; 3) it didn't last 3 years (I said that twice because it is so hard to believe). 4) 100% of our LG experience (this was the first LG anything for us) tells us DON'T BUY LG. BTW, did you know that LG is the manufacturer of the old Goldstar brand?

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I wish I had read this before I bought an LG washer. Same experience here.

I call weekly to get a resolution.

I am with the Executive Relations group and they have never once called me back.

The repair man came out 3 times and cannot fix the issue and they are trying to find another warranty repair person but no one wants to come out. The issue with our machine is that the bleach dispenser does not dump when it is supposed to so it ruins our dark clothes.



did you get this thing fixed or did you end up getting a new Washer? I am in same dilemma, just starting the diagnostic process.

I am thankful and now scared of your review. If you are still tracking this, please do respond here.

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