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I bought an LG washer and dryer froma major box store, thought the reviews said that it was a good one. Wrong, first off no instructions, that was the box store.

Second it needed to be repaired because it quit pumping water. Took over 2 months and 2 sets of parts, and over $400 to get it fixed, and it still is not fixed properly. It vibrates terribly, shakes and walks even with a drawer underneath. It leaks like a sieve and does a really poor job of cleaning clothes.

I have had to throw several clothes away because the stench could not be removed even after four washings even with febreeze washing liquid. I will never, never, never, never buy an LG appliance again.

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Hate my !#@$ LG built by chinky-wink slave labor chimpanzees. Bought their top of the line model washer, worked for three years, then started groaning and stopped washing.

Burnt all kinds of vacation time waiting for the tech, who never even tested it but was sure what it needed. Wrong-O bucko. Put in an expensive new part and tested it... then it made a new and more horrible noise than before.

Spending all my !#@$ time at the laundromat, wondering how big my warranty bill will be and when in the future it will all come due again.

!@#$#Q@$ Asia, !#@$Q#@ their low-cost thinking, ~!@#$#@ the people who sell this !~@#$@# without testing it. I want to load it with mildewed laundry and leave it at the front door of the place I bought it.

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