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The drum to my LG washer broke in February 2014. I called LG and they had their tech come. I was advised that it would cost $525 to repair. I liked the machine and wanted to keep it so we went ahead with the repair. The tech said that it was like getting a new machine as the 4 hour repair was in essence rebuilding the machine. In May 2014, the drum started making horrible noises. I called LG and asked to have it serviced and they told me I would have to pay because I was out of warranty by about week (they only warrant their work for 90 days). Seriously, I missed this period by a week and they could do nothing to help me? The people I spoke with at LG were obnoxious and even went so far as to say that it was a 7 year machine and perhaps I shouldn't have gotten it fixed. Shouldn't the tech have advised against fixing it then? 7 years old doesn't seem that old for a washing machine to me.

Next time we used the machine, the drum exploded and it wouldn't stop spinning hard...the end result is the broken machine in the picture below. I emailed their corporate offices in Bergen County , New Jersey (all of their top executives) and I didn't get one response. I messaged them on facebook and was told in essence to pound salt. They all but acknowledged that they don't stand behind the repairs of their contractors but rather, since the machine was 7 years old, I was out of luck. They wouldn't even address that 3 months ago, their tech fixed the same problem. My husband got the same lack of response via a twitter complaint.

I'm so frustrated. I have repeatedly been made to feel like its my fault because I invested hundreds of dollars into a 7 year old machine. However, if I was advised against the repair, we would have never gone through with it. But the fact that the machine actually went so out of control to cause the damage (not to mention the 100's of dollars of clothes that were in the machine that we now have to toss because of the broken glass shards) and their refusal to address this issue at all is deplorable. I will never buy another LG machine again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Washing Machine.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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