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Purchased LG washer and dryer at Home Depot in 2012 and was happy at first, after about a year or two I noticed a little rust stain at the bleach dispenser, no big deal I thought. Fast forward to 2017 it has turned in a great BIG DEAL , I looked to see if there were any recalls on the product but what I found was a lot of disgruntled LG owners with the exact same complaint!

LG told me they would fix for me...for $245 !

No thanks They say rust is normal, if rust is normal then every washer in history would have rusted , which it hasn't ! Apparently these washers were all built in 2012, which was when I bought it, so any research would have turned up empty.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Wt5070cw Washing Machine.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Same issue with mine. I called LG and they said they would send me some touch-up paint!!!

I said this was beyond paint...I need a new top hat.

I will never again buy an LG unit. SO DONE with them!!!


I had the same problem with my beautiful Maytag. When I got a new pair of LG washer and dryer I decided to wash down the bleach with a cup of water.

The bleach is so concentrated these days I think this can happen with any bleach dispenser. Bleach needs to be deleted 32/1 now!

So I put in very little. 5 years and no problems.


Sign me up for the class action lawsuit.