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LG washers hold water between washes and the water sours.Smell your clothes !! Leave the door open 24/7 so it can dry out some.

Oh-the dishwasher.

Pure trash. One year and one day it *** out but they gave us a new one--after I raised living ***. It still did not clean the dishes.

I had a new LG refrig and the ice maker continually froze over, It was worked over several times under warranty THEN I bought a new ice maker.

It still did not work like it should.I could have taken it when I sold my house. You guessed it-- I left it there--no more LG anything for me !!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Warranty.

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I have an LG top loader and the clothes NEVER EVER smell fresh. Next time I'm getting an old fashioned one with an aggitator!!!

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