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My LG washer got a great review in consumer reports. But after using for a short time, it developed a terrible mildew odor that was transferred to my clothes. So when I sweat in my clothes, I also smell like mildew.

Then I noticed some black sludge around the gasket (?) - the big rubber piece that surrounds the opening. I tried to remove it with a Q Tip, but the more I looked, the more I realized it was all over the inside of the machine, inaccessible to me.

A service guy came out to clean it, which he didn't do, but he did tell me that all these washers are coated with sludge on the outside of the drum (where we can't see it). It is disgusting. I cannot wait to get rid of this machine.

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None of these remedies will fix the program. LG refuses to admit they made a faulty product. My daughter has a skin disorder due to the mold spores in her clothes. A class action law suit will get their attention. In the mean time I will go all over the net. Doing two things Telling people how LG is not a consumer considerate company.... and how their products are substandard across the board... the customer complaints establish this. I have already written letters to Home Depot to not Sell LG as they do not have the interest of the customer in mind. They have told me that they already are aware of this and are looking to Replace the LG line with another vendor as they cannot afford to loose customers in this difficult economy. I encourage all who read this to respond and send LG a clear message that they should sell these product to their neighbor North Korea ... see what happens. :?

I have tried many many times to resolve this with LG.... Nothing has been done.

Please contact me at this email if you feel the same.


Thank you - I will try that brand!!!


I found that using Tide makes my laundry smell bad. I couldn't believe it as soon as I started using the Kirkland(Costco) HE detergent the smelly odors were gone!!!

I still keep the door open on the washer! This has helped for years now!


Thank you for your advice. I actually do leave the door open and use bleach every so often.

Using less detergent also helped. We use about a tablespoon now! But there still is a visible coat of black slime that I will never be able to access. I can only wipe away to a certain point, the rest of it is unreachable.

A service person told me the whole drum gets covered. I can't get that picture out of my mind!


who ever should of sold you that machine should of told you to leave the door open on it to avoid that smell problem. run a high temp cycle with bleach, should help with the smell..

from now on leave the door open. its not just lg its all the front load washers

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