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We replaced a 9-year-old Frigidaire washing machine because we wanted something with a larger capacity. Not once in all that time did we have a single problem with that machine.

Unfortunately, we bought an LG washer, in June/2010. There are just two of us in the house, and a normal amount of laundry. As of today, after LG's technicians came to repair our machine, we are now stuck with a $225 labor bill. The part these guys took out looked like a 3-spoke wheel on the back of a drum.

Each spoke was attached with two bolts. A total of six bolts, of which THREE were loose. This should be a lifetime item. Why not weld the fasteners in place, or use Loc-tite (the permanent kind)?

So the techs smiled and said the part was covered under warranty. But their labor to replace is is $225? What a RIPOFF! LG's customer service department is useless.

They just apologize and say there's nothing they can do. The really maddening part is that we bought four more LG appliances last year, still in the original boxes, to install in a house that we're fixing up. God help us. Maybe Home Depot will take them back...

Fat chance, but they can't be worse to deal with than LG. Lousy Gits!

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