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Bought a new LG Washer and Dryer, Washer model WT5001CW in 2011. In LESS than 2 years, rust began to develop around the bleach dispenser.

I do not use bleach in my clothes, only as directed to clean the machine monthly. I contacted their customer service and the rep read a script that rust was not covered. I asked her whether she felt that was acceptable to have the machine rust in less that 2 years. She had to put me on hold, then came back and answered "YES" that was NORMAL!!!!

SERIOUSLY LG???? I also purchased the extended warranty and was told RUST was not covered. My old Kenmore lasted 25 years without ANY issues. Lots of complaints on the web about it so they know their product is defective, yet choose not to support their products or customers.

I received an email to review the product and made my review to the company, stating the same as I am here and received an email back saying they REJECT MY REVIEW (see pic).

I will NEVER buy LG and nor will anyone I know if I can help it. Attaching pictures of the rusted machine...keep trying to cover with enamel white paint to stop the rust but it has eaten into the metal at this point.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Wt5001cw Washing Machine.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $800.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lg Electronics Cons: Product rusted and company said this is normal.

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  • Lg Products Junk
  • Lg Useless Warranty
  • Lg Horrible Customer Support
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Your mistake was in reading the instructions that came with the new washer. If you had thought about it, you wouldn't have believed it when LG said to use bleach once a month to "clean" it.

We have never used bleach period as we have usually been on a septic system and know better. However, here is something I found concerning bleach and rust: "The active ingredient in bleach is a chemical compound called sodium hypochlorite. It acts as an oxidizing agent, ionizing other materials by removing electrons from them; this is why it removes stains from clothes and kills germs. The oxidizing properties of bleach accelerate rusting; iron loses electrons more readily in the presence of bleach than in plain water." I suspect the combination of bleach and very poor metal and/or surface protection(baked on "paint") caused the rust problem.

The days of a washer lasting 25 years are long gone.

The best thing to do now is buy a basic, no-frills appliance, forget about those extended warranty scams and when the thing breaks and you can't fix it, throw it out and buy another. You'll be ahead in the long run.


Mine is doing the same thing

I bought a WT5070CW top loader in 2012 at Home Depot, paid almost $1000 for it

And it's almost completely rusted out!

LG won't help at all!


"Lots of complaints on the web about it so they know their product is defective"

Why didn't you do your due diligence BEFORE buying that washer? It seems to me if you are too lazy to check online reviews before the purchase that you should have nothing to complain about after something goes wrong. I always check reviews before making a purchase.


Of course there are after the fact. Do your due diligence and learn to read.


Anonymous... or should I say Mr.

Useless, our response is lousy and you are lazy by not helping the situation. Best if you pull your big boy pants up and go play somewhere else. As for the problem, we are having it too with the same model listed above.

I will be contacting consumer complaint, etc... if not resolved.