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I purchased $1700 of LG appliances & had them delivered on 9/27/11. Within 2 days, it became apparent the refrigerator (LTC19430SW) was not getting cold.

I called LG and they referred me to an appliance company. The service technician inspected the refrigerator said all the freon had leaked out (onto my floor) and the refrigerator was unusable. When I called LG customer service (3 different times) I was told that I would not receive a new refrigerator. My only option is to have the "new" non-functioning refrigerator repaired.

Stay away from LG! Their customer service is horrible, they sell defective products, and they abandon their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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I purchased 2 smart phones from LG officially website,and i decided to return the phones back after i read so many complaints,the boxes are still sealed with the phones in and LG playing hard ball with me to give me the authorization return RMA number they keep play me from one departament to another until my 14 days warranty will be avoided.


I wish I had read this post years ago. I work for an appliance retailer in Canada.

I am in charge of all damage claims and defective returns, and I can tell you; LG makes my life a living ***. *Ironic, considering LG is supposed to stand for 'Life's Good'-- That aside, with ALL LG appliances, they have a 15 day DOA exchange policy. Don't go to LG, don't ask for a discount or repair. Whatever the defect, go to your retailer, tell them it's dead, insist on getting a replacement.

No word of a lie.

I hope this helps someone. I'd rather no one bought their appliances.


LG Doesn't seem to stand by any of their refrigerators! In my case, the ice maker drops cubes which melt, thus causing the front of the door to RUST!

I was told my kids must have scratched it, so they will do nothing. Funny thing is, I have no kids, and only two adults live here. Also, it is seldom opened, save to get out food for three meals a day, again by my wife or myself. We are mature enough to not open the door with a can opener or carve our initials into the door, thus causing the rust problem.

We spent almost $3,000 for an item we thought would last us. We were definitely wrong, but as they say fool me once....


I purchase an LG refrigerator back in sept 2006, within a month had to replace ice maker, no cost. a year later in october I got home from work oped the refrig door and it must have been 200 degrees in the frig, a chicken on the top shelve was cooked.

the light housing was dripping with plastic, the interior cabin bubble up. I called lg and they told me the frig was out of warranty and there was nothing they could do. I paid over $2,500 for this frig. I called the local lg rep and they told me the same.

On monday 11//7/11 I received a letter about a class action law suit saying LG knew about this problem.

We still have the refrigerator, I call LG up and a service guy is suppose to come today, I hope LG has the integrity to replace this refrigerator, I still have original melted housing, If they don't replace, I will have to get the media involved and rip them apart to expose the lowsy customer service thay have that others are complaining about. stay tuned will post there what they have to say.


Sorry nikalseyn, but maybe YOU don't mind having a brand new, never used refrigerator repaired, but not me. I didn't buy a reconditioned refrigerator, which is what it becomes after the repair.

I don't know anyone who would find your solution acceptable. You must work for LG.

John N

The fridge is under warranty and LG will repair it during the warranty period. "repairing it" doe NOT mean giving you a new refrigerator!!

Once the freon is replaced and the system pressure-tested, it will be like new. Get over it.

@John N

If a fridge has an internal leak, such as this one, nothing can be done to make it 'good as new'. It will never properly cool the fridge and it will live a very short life. The service center should have been able to get LG to authorize an exchange.

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