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Update by user May 16, 2017

I have finally heard from lg on 5/16/2017 and they finally made a shipping label to ship me back my phone (not fixed) they still didn't ship my phone back I had spoke to someone on 5/12/2017 and said i wanted my phone back i had enough with the games they were playing with me they were clearly not helping me and i wanted my phone back after that i had not heard from them about the status of the shipment on my phone till now this company is a unbelievable

Original review posted by user May 15, 2017

My lg v10 shut off and wouldnt completely restart 6 months after i bought it i sent it to lg and they said they repaired it now its 11 months later and the same problem has happend again and lg refuses to fix it and says that the sticker on the back of the phone has been taken off and that voids the warranty the problem is when lg sent the phone back to me back in june they snet the phone back to me without the sticker on someone at lg either took the sricker off by mistake or they sent me back a referbished phone and thats not the phone i sent them at the time i had no idea that sticker even made a difference i thougjt that my recipient that i had to send was what was important and all o cared about when i got the phone back was that if it worked or not which it did so i was happy which is why i did not call and ask why the sticker was gone which in this case was the worst thing i did because now lg will not fix my phone i spoke to 7 different people even supervisors and got no kind of help at all none i could completely understand if i was calling and had never sent the phone back and was a new customer and didnt have an issue before and this sticker was not on the phone but this problen happend 11 months ago and i sent my phone back and now it has happend again and its the exact same issue EXACT SAME ISSUE and THEY took the sticker off of course there not taking any blame for it either and are saying i cant prove they did it just like they cant prove i did it. But with that being said again when your dealing with customer service and a big company this is the second time iam sending this phone back for the same issue clearly either they didnt fix it right or there is something wrong with these parts and since i sent this back before even with the sticker off since they cant say who took it off being that iam a returning customer with that i should be acomodated and my phone should be fixed at no charge to me because this is a faulty part in the phone.

But when i tell this to them they seem to think iam wrong and when i asked for my phone back sonce they refuse to fix it for free and do the right thing i spoke to 3 more people and 4 days later i still have not even recived and email with confirmation that my phone has been shipped back to me. So they wont fix my phone and they won't give it back to me so i pretty much at this point paid for a phone that does not work cause lg uses bootleg parts in there electronics and i dont have the phone back for some reason they are holding it hostage at this point i guess i.

The people that you call for customer service dont even work in the united states they have no clue whats going on and they all have the same answer literally the same answer i spoke to 7 people in one day and that was including supervisors and they all said the exact same words like as if they were reading out of a user manual they have no personality very dry and dull these people do not belong doing customer sevice. I dont know how this company is even still in business with there *** products and horrible customer service they need to close up shop and stop ripping people off

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Cell Phone.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I want the phone fixed .

  • horrible staff
  • LG recall scam
  • LG sucks
  • Horrible Company Practices
  • Manufacturer Defect
  • Rip Off
  • Lg Ripoff
  • Horrible parts
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