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I recently upgraded my phone to the Lg Xenon... BIG MISTAKE, after 40 days the LCD screen cracked during normal usage, I contacted AT&T about it and they told me there was nothing they could do because i bought it 40 days ago and they stop covering at 30 days.

Lg offered to repair it but i then received a letter in the mail telling me it would cost me $95 to fix.

The part cost &35 and when i contacted them with links to forums with people with the same issue i was blown off three times and told i can either pay the $95 to have them fix it or have it returned... the do not stand by their products.

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lg needs to step it up :(


i had the phone for a year. the first problem of screen orientation.

sent in. fixed for $42. second problem mic doesnt work. sent in.


not fixed. :(

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