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OK, I get it; it's my fault. I mean what else would you expect when you buy a phone from a company that makes washing machines? Well, *** me, I picked this for my first "smart" phone.

The phone started acting up almost immediately. It calls people from my contact list and sets up a conference call all while I'm talking to someone else! It calls people when it's just sitting around all by itself (not in my hand or my pocket)! I took it back to T-Mobile who immediately offered to get a warranty replacement--a bit TOO immediately I might add. Hmmm...? Of course I am required to pay $20 POSTAGE to send the piece of need-I-say it back!

Decided to go to the company that made the *** thing-after the gyroscope that allows you to change the orientation view from portrait to landscape stopped working completely. Did LG have enough pride to make certain one of their customers wasn't walking around with a piece of need-I-say-it with their logo on it? Sure--pay us $20! Seriously! The damned thing started breaking down the 2nd week that I owned it!

OK, so LG you got your measly $240 for the StupidPhone but you will NEVER see another dollar from me, or my friends, or anyone I happen to be standing in line with at the grocery store, or anyone who reads my blogs, or anyone that I talk to from now until I trash the piece of need-I-say-it! Someone want me to recommend a smart phone? No, can’t do that but I can recommend the StupidPhone that you DON’T want to buy! No more LG StupidPhones; no LG washing machines; no LG dryers; no LG dishwashers; NO LG PRODUCTS PERIOD. Although you'll still make money, your greedy little butts will NEVER know how much more you may have been able to make. That's my quiet revenge.

Review about: Lg Electronics Cell Phone.

Monetary Loss: $240.

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Same here!!L9 from T-Mobile.

$20 later, I sent them my phone for the same reason and they sent it back to me and said they couldn't find anything wrong with it. Really???

So I'm sitting here with a jacked up phone :/ It is still under warranty by the way...

to Jess D #733697

Well, I guess it may be a good thing that I refused to pay the $20 and send it back.I'm now beginning to have problems with the back button not working as well.

How about you?Wonder just how many of us there are anyway?

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