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As i stated before the issue still exist ; and the technician with faulty equipment who visit my house and he is not able to understand the problem was a waste of my time. I was expecting more from LG , more professional technician.

The fan is always on when its cold mode, because it makes sense, so it needs to update the thermostat about the temperature of the room; but its off when its on heat mode only. ( the technician excuse was summer is not like winter lol), It come on for few minutes till it reaches temperature and then shut off, so if its get colder at the end of the room and freezing the heat will not come on till the temperature drop by the fault thermostat; so we have to spend all night get cold get hot. I explained that to the technician; but i think he was on harry to listen to me and inexperience since he come unprepared; and when I insist he took some screws off and try to pretend that he is doing something. I asked him what you doing, why you are testing some elements that already works and we know that; then he start putting the unit together and he forget where the screw goes and he asked is there any more screws so i can start looking while he hide the screw in hid pocket because he didnt remember where it goes; thats affecting the integrity of the unit also when he was moving the evaperator to reach the heating element, he bend the fins on the evaporater, again this guy was disgrace for LG and he was insulting me with excuse after another thinking that i am stupid.

the problem is still exist, all what i need is the problem to be resolved; and if the fan stay on cold mode it should be stay on heat mode, it's very annoying keep shutting off and keep coming back on that beside the hot and the cold during the night it got me sick. i got promised by corporate to resolve the issue within 24 hours after that i will take a different steps to get the problem resolved if there is no solution. also i got a survey and you have the technician on the same email when i clicked the survey it tell me that you already filled the survey and i didnt that something you need to check.

Bottom of line i contact every one on LG from sherry to mathew to the rude kriesha and by monday oct 21 2019 if the unit doesnt get fixed i will go to the small claim court and force your corporate office to listen to me then. just be professional and fix it.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $750.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lg Electronics Pros: Cooling is good.

Lg Electronics Cons: Heating is bad.

  • Lg Warrenty Fail
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