To the head manager of complainsDear Sir, My name is Dr. Mridula El-Shamy I am from Alexandria, Egypt.

I & my family own a 64" LG television. Model no. RT-62NA31RB with the serial no. 30KT00180.

The T.V. was working very well till last October when it started to give blurred colors vision which we didn’t understand why. When we called your agent here they came twice. At the first visit, the technician didn’t give any satisfied report to us saying he will ask the company to provide the part he needs to change & charged the visiting fee then disappeared for more than a month.

When we started to call the agent again asking for the spare part & to come & fix it they said still it's not available yet. After few calls & many complains the technician came again with a part while he was trying to fix it he discovered that it's not the wanted one or it wasn’t the problem, we really couldn’t understand where was the problem. Anyways, he left again without any proper report to us or what we should do next. Nothing, just nothing.

We are totally not satisfied with the service provided by your agency here & we still have a broken television for the last five months.Could you help us please?Thanks for your time.Sincerely, Dr. Mridula El-Shamy

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Tv.

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