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I bought a LG Dryer from Home Depot in March of 2010. Consumer Reports had rated it as better than average so we went with it. We then decided to purchase the matching washing machine. About a month ago, my wife smelled gas by the dryer. I checked all the connections and cleaned the exhaust vent. This seemed to fix the issue. One week after, she smelled the gas again - first outside coming from the vent and also inside by the dryer. I immediately shut-off the gas, let the room clear of the smell and then turned the gas back on. We didn't smell anything. So my attention turned to the dryer and started to research on the web what would cause this condition. It didn't take me long to determine that LG had a few issues with this dryer. One gentlemen reported almost the same conditions I was experiencing and after several attempts to correct the problem, the technician replaced the controller board (a $200 item). The other issue was the drum weld which would let go (I didn't have that issue). So I contacted LG support who quickly informed me that my warranty had run out but they may extend it based on a decision made but a supervisor. I was told this process takes 3 to 5 business days. I was also told to send them a quick summary of what happened and to attach a copy of my receipt which I did. After the sixth day, I hadn't heard anything, I again contacted the same Service Advisor. She informed me that to resend the email because she couldn't open the attachment! I sent it again. That evening I called LG again and got another service representative. He apologized and asked me to send him the email. He opened it on the phone and had no problems. I received the news that LG would extend my warranty and was told to contact them to setup an appointment for service. I called and LG gave me 2 companies in my area for service. I called the first who informed me that they no longer supported LG products. I called the second and he informed me that he would be out on Saturday (2 days from now). The tech came out on Saturday and determined that the controller board was bad and he would call me in 3 to 5 business days when the part comes in! My expectation was he would repair the dryer that day, not just evaluate it! I called LG and asked for a supervisor. Some fifteen minutes later, he got on and then explained to me this is the process and there's no way around it. I have an extensive Service Delivery background and we discussed the pros and cons of their process passionlessly! It was the holiday weekend and the part couldn't be ordered until Tuesday. I asked that the part be shipped over night (which I had to pay for) with the hope we could be drying cloths by Wednesday. The tech was suppose to call me on Tuesday to inform me the part was ordered which he didn't do. I called the tech on Wednesday and he informed me that the part had not been ordered and there was a financial issue with LG! He also told me that I may have to find another technician (which LG said I couldn't do once the extended warranty number was given to this tech). I called LG again and I asked for a supervisor. She finally got on and I explained the latest issue. She asked if I minded waiting on hold. After almost 20 mins on hold , she came back and said she was still working the issue and would call me back which she did in about 45 mins. She informed me that the issues were corrected with the tech and he would order the part over night and call me the next day to schedule an appointment. The tech called the next morning and informed my wife that the part had come in and he would be by to install it between 2 and 4pm. I took vacation time off from work to ensure I would be available when he showed up. When I got home, (around 3pm) I had a message on the phone from the tech informing us that the part hadn't come in and he had to reschedule for the next day. I called the tech and wanted assurance that he would be at my house at a specific time. He said he would call me when the part arrived and then come over and install it. I left work at 2pm and called the tech. The part hadn't arrived yet via UPS. I asked if he had a tracking number. He only had an order number and he was attempting to contact UPS. While I was on the phone with LG, the tech called me back informing me that he had received the part and was in route to my house. The part did fix my problem. LG has lost a customer because of their lack of customer focus, their lack of communication and most importantly their lack of concern that one of their customers were down for almost a month. I will never purchase an LG product and suggest you don't. We as consumers need to stand together and demand quality products and when they break, quality service to back-up their product. The lack of concern was amazing – hiding behind their processes is not the answer! By saying they're sorry we're going threw this and then not working with you to fix it is unacceptable. Finally the call waiting music SUCKS!!! They should rename the company to NLG (Not Living Good)
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Yup! Same exact problem with my lowes purchased LG gas dryer!


I'm having the same problem with my dryer


Just A quick note about consumer guide.... they lie and recieve compensation for their endorsements several years back the rated the Ward gas dryer as number one in class while rating the Norge unit at number 7.....

Guess who built the Wards dryer? Why Norge of course, Also never trust home depot lowes hhgregg best buy or lowes for you appliance they know nothing about them other than sku numbers and profits

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