Microwave broke (over 4 yrs old) - paid over $400; will cost over $200 to fix; no help from LG on parts, even after they state I should not have experienced this (LG recommended repair service provider recomended I just replace it due to high repair cost)

Issue compounded by fact that an oven bought (at same purchase as the microwave) broke after 1 1/2 years (after 9 months of fighting w/ customer service, I finally sent a certified letter to the LG's President, and did receive reimbursement - overall, an unbelievably painful customer satisfaction process; customer service is a true oxymoron)

I am obviously experiencing a pattern of poor product quality

After several calls over 2 weeks on the microwave, providing copiy of my purchase receipt; then not receiving a follow-up return call that I was told would occur; (each call was a painful 15-20+ minutes long) calling back to find out they were doing nothing & calling back again & finally (after agent from a prior call told me to speak to a supervisor during 8-5 timeframe) calling back the next day with hostility erupting due to agent refusing to transfer me to a supervisor and finally being on hold for over 10 minute wait to speak to supervisor (again, a 15+ minute call)); in delcining parts coverage request (I understand due to age) I requested consideration towards a new one (due to crappy products & admissions that problems should not be experienced); I was told no - so I will not buy an LG applicance for myself, family, children, etc. and all the negative experiences and poor product quality issues will be communicated to all

I am going out on President's day & buying a new microwave (other brands I've owned over the past 25 years) quality microwave - but NOT AN LG!


Monetary Loss: $450.

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