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Hot water comes out cold in the cotton cycle. LG knows this is a design flaw and reponds with saying there is something wrong with your water heater. They will not pay for service to look at it when it is under warranty. I think all people who own this have this problem but just haven't checked their water temperature when set to warm or hot in the cotton cycle. The manager I talked to was noce to me until he went to find more info and obviously was then told to tell me it was not their washer but my water heater. Funny but the water heater worked fiine for all other cycles. This is a design flaw they will not admit. They cost me $111 to have a service person look at it.
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Hmmm maybe the TE code is temperature related?

I had called LG customer service line and trouble shooted the intermittent problem of a "TE" code coming on before the spin cycle. After trying to unplug the machine, turn off breaker, etc. they recommended that I have a service technician from XXXX come out to fix the problem. I had a technician from XXX came out to my home on July 23rd to fix my LG model# WM2487HWM Serial # 703KWCF00027.

My machine would stop before the final rinse with a "TE" code, which did not occur each time I would wash a load.

The service technician had the thermistor replaced Part # 6322FR2046C? and he tested it and the same problem occurred so he took the part out (my husband saw him take the part out and put back the original part) and did some other maintenance? It worked. I paid him for the part and the service call $174.98

Shortly after that repair (about three days later) I put it on heavy soiled cycle and the same "TE" code came up. So I know it was not fixed. My son had an accident and was hospitalized so I was not doing too much laundry in August.

The problem seems to be intermittent and has been increasing in frequency. This past week I had the code come up twice (one during a Sterilization cycle and once in a Normal cycle but stain added). It is obvious that the original problem is not fixed. No parts were replaced and no problem was diagnosed.

I contacted XXXX and they said since it is more than 30 days they would have to charge me again to come to diagnosis the problem plus any parts.

I sent an email letter to LG customer service whose response was:

“Hello Yvette Nechvatal-Drew.

Regretfully this issue will require an inspection by an LG authorized technician to determine the cause. Please call our customer service line at 1-888-542-2623 to schedule a service call.

I called the 1-888-542-2623 and was connected to Lewis ID # 7408. I explained the problem to him that the machine was never fixed and he suggested that XXX technician could come out to look at the machine. I told him that I already paid $174.98 to XXX and the problem was not fixed. Lewis was not helpful, understanding or polite. He did not offer me any solutions. He said the machine is five years old and LG is a business. This comment made me upset and I explained to Lewis that my previous Frigidaire Model FLC-270 lasted 19 years before we decided to replace it with this LG model and the Maytag before that lasted 25 years. I told Lewis that I thought I called customer service to receive excellent customer service and I was not feeling valued as a customer. As his comment that LG is a business I also explained to him that LG just does not sell washing machine but other products and as a customer not receiving service they will think twice before purchasing a television, refrigerator, home electronics, etc.. And they will also let their co-workers, family, business partners know about the poor customer service they receive. That is why I called LG customer service to help solve my problem not just say I can pay again for a technician to come out and not solve the problem again and again. Lewis did not offer any solutions.

I inquired about the ONE PRICE program as this was never mentioned to me before and asked if I could pay the difference from the $174.98 already paid to have this offer. He said no because it is after 30 days and that I can pay $201 + taxes for XXX to come out but after 30 days I would have to pay another $201 + taxes if the problem persists. Can you explain to me how this is customer service?

I am a LG customer and have purchased several appliances (including 2x bottom freezer refrigerator (Model LDN20718, Blue Ray player and a possibility for a future dishwasher).

I am very disappointed with your customer response.



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